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Affirmations can Transform Your Life in 30 Days


You already use affirmations each day, even if you don’t know it, but are you using them effectively?


The last decade has unearthed an enormous surge in people turning to mindfulness with the intent of improving their lives, and there is now a general understanding of the fact that we create our reality based on what we think. 

While ancient philosophers have been saying the same for thousands of years, modern-day spiritual teachers and the ubiquity of the internet have created a mainstream way of learning about positive thinking. This is progress, yet the real solution to changing our thoughts lies at the core of the problem – our beliefs.  

Our beliefs are formed in the mind from old thought patterns, and they either hinder or enhance our lives, depending on how we think. It is possible to alter our beliefs, and this can be done through the use of affirmations. Within just 30 days it is possible to see a transformation in your beliefs, solely using affirmations. 

What Are Affirmations?

Every thought we think and every word we speak is an affirmation; whether we know it or not, we all use them every day. Affirmations affect the conscious and subconscious mind, and eventually become ingrained in our beliefs, so the key is to use them in an intentional way. 

In order to alter our belief system we must alter the affirmations that we already use. The way we think about ourselves and the self-image that we hold in our minds, is ultimately what shapes our lives, and affirmations are especially helpful when it comes to changing negative self beliefs. 

An example of a negative affirmation is, “I am stupid,” if you say this frequently enough, in time you will feel stupid, and may even begin to do things, that seem ‘stupid’. On the flip side, if you say to yourself each day, “I am worthy” your self-worth will increase and this will impact not only how you treat yourself but also how you treat others, and how you allow others to treat you.

Affirmations affect our beliefs, behaviours, state of mind, confidence, self-esteem, and even our level of self-love. Simply saying each day, “my life is always improving,” will do wonders in all areas of your life. 

How to Use Affirmations Effectively

A mistake people make when using affirmations is they say them without really feeling whatever it is that they are saying. Think of a time when you said a negative affirmation, something along the lines of, “I can’t do this,” it’s likely you would have said it with such angst, which adds fuel to the words. Positive affirmations require the same principle; the power of them lies not so much in the words but the feelings those words stir within you.

Affirmations can be said in your mind or out loud, whichever you are more comfortable with, and they work best when they are said with repetition; repeating the same affirmation for a long period of time will improve its effectiveness. 

Here are some other suggestions for getting the most out of affirmations: 

1) It is important to say them in the present tense – we must believe that we already have whatever it is that we are asking for, in order for it to emerge. For example – you would say “I am thankful for all of my blessings” instead of, “I will be thankful when I receive my blessings.” (If we say affirmations in the future tense they will always remain in the future.) 

2) Affirmations are personal statements, so they must be said in the first person, for example, “I am”, or “I have”.

3) It is recommended that they are said for at least 30 days, which is a good amount of time to begin to see results. 

4) It’s best to highlight certain areas of your life that you want to improve, such as your health or well-being, and then select affirmations accordingly.  

In addition, be aware of any negative thoughts you encounter, you can learn more about this in our latest Q&A: How can I get a grasp on my thoughts?

Affirmations require dedication in order for them to work, so set aside some time every day and, remember, repetition is the most significant factor. Once they begin to take effect, you will be given true insight into the power of positive thinking. 

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