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We donate jewellery to women in need

The right words can offer light in the darkest of times. A positive reminder can uplift a spirit; a kind note can help comfort a heart. For this reason, we have started a simple way to show women facing difficult situations that we are standing with them, using the power of words. With our ‘paying it forward’ scheme, we donate thousands of pieces of jewellery to our community partners working with women in need. Women who are homeless. Women living with cancer. Women escaping domestic abuse. Women in recovery.

Safehaven Women - a cause close to our heart

Over the years, the words on our jewellery have given comfort and support to thousands of women through our partnership with the local charity, Safehaven Women. 


Safehaven Women support vulnerable and homeless women, providing a weekly drop-in where women can have a hot meal, get their hair done, and receive emotional and practical support. 


Since 2019, we’ve been donating to Safehaven Women. In turn, they have distributed empowering reminders to the women they work with and a number of other charities and organisations working with women. Our founder, Stephanie, has also been personally involved with Safehaven Women as a volunteer on a number of occasions.


“Safehaven Women is a charity that comes alongside, supports and empowers vulnerable women.

Our vision is to see lives changed, freedom found, hope restored and purposes renewed through the love and support that we give. Soul Analyse have been supporting Safehaven Women since 2019 and has made an incredible impact on the lives of hundreds of women that we work with. Their affirmation jewellery has reminded our women on a daily basis that “they are loved,” “they are strong” and “they are enough”.

These inspiring words have united us as women, as we wear the jewellery and affirm each other in the positive messages written on it. Soul Analyse have gifted thousands of beautiful pieces with messages of hope, love and strength. Reminding us that we are not alone and we can do it. They bring so much joy. Thank you so much, we are beyond grateful for your constant generosity and support. It makes a massive difference to the lives of our women and the work we are doing.”

Sam Coates, Founder of Safehaven Women

If you are a charity, feel free to get in touch

We are always looking for new causes to support. If you are from a charity, no matter how big or small, we’d love to talk to you about how we can help you so get in touch!


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Affirmations have changed our lives. We believe in their power to change yours, too. When we created Soul Analyse in 2015, we didn’t do so to start a jewellery company. We created Soul Analyse as an empowering force.

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