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“They say that when you hit the lowest point in your life, there is only one way left to go: and that’s up. Which, in our case, is true.“

Steph Dunleavy, Founder

Soul Analyse was born on our way ‘up and out’ of pain. After reaching the lowest point in our lives, Jasper and I discovered the power of affirmations.

As we changed the way we were talking to ourselves, our lives began to change. We stopped putting ourselves down, we started to see our own potential and we began taking steps to heal. We passionately wanted others to experience what we were experiencing.

That’s when Jasper and I came up with the idea for Soul Analyse – a home for powerful reminders that cut through the toxic self-talk that so many of us are familiar with.

Now, when I look back, I’m grateful for how far we’ve come. We’ve made a way for people to see that they are – and always have been – enough, despite what society wants them to be; we’ve become parents to two incredible children, and I have survived breast cancer.


Once upon a time society created a tiny box. Within that box, they placed many rigid ideas. Everyone was then given the impossible expectation of fitting into that box…

These superficial ideas about what it means to be a woman, what it means to be a man, what it means to be ‘perfect’, what it means to be beautiful, what it means to be successful, and everything else that we have expectations to be, are unattainable and wrong. If we define our worth based on what society wants us to be, we’ll never be good enough.

It’s time to step outside the box and start being comfortable in our own skin, while knowing that we are enough exactly as we are – without needing to fit in!


Affirmation Necklaces

A wide range of affirmation necklaces featuring empowering messages, meaningful symbols, serenity prayers & inspiring icons.


Affirmation Rings

Adjustable affirmation rings that are simple and classic in their design, with a variety of styles.


Affirmation Bracelets

Our affirmation bracelets provide a daily reminder to encourage and inspire.


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