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“They say that when you hit the lowest point in your life, there is only one way left to go: and that’s up. Which, in our case, is true.“

Steph Dunleavy, Founder

Soul Analyse was born on our way ‘up and out’ of pain and loss. After reaching a low point in my life and struggling for a couple of years with depression, I discovered the power of affirmations. They were a springboard for my soul, helping it find light in the darkness and helping me get my life back on track.

As I changed my self-talk, my life changed. I gained newfound strength and began to see potential in everything and everyone, including myself. The universe responded magically to my new positive outlook and I passionately wanted others to experience what I was experiencing.

That’s when Jasper and I came up with the idea for Soul Analyse, a way to give positive affirmations a beautiful home – all conceived here in our Brighton home. It was 2015 and it was the biggest risk of our lives.

Now, when I look back, it’s incredible how far we’ve come. We’ve built a business that helps people see that they are – and always have been enough; we’ve become parents to our incredible daughter, and I have survived breast cancer.

Rumi once said, that ‘the wound is the place where the light enters’ and, for me, that is true. I am filled with compassion for anyone who is struggling in any way, but I also believe that this is where the biggest opportunity lies. Indeed, it is through heartbreak, pain and loss that we get shaken to the core, and only then do the cracks begin to form, allowing the light to enter our lives. Unearthing our potential.

For you, for us, and for a better, kinder world.


Affirmation Necklaces

Empowering affirmations, meaningful symbols, serenity prayers & inspiring icons.


Affirmation Rings

Adjustable, simple and classic, in a variety of styles.



Daily reminders to encourage and inspire.


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