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5 Bracelet Styling Tips for Wrists that Dazzle


Adorning your wrists with chains, beads and jewels is a great way to express yourself. (And with our affirmation jewellery, it’s also a great way to learn to love yourself.)

Ultimately, how you style yourself is up to you. You are the boss of you and your bracelet collection. But if you’re a little in the dark about jewellery or you don’t tend to wear bracelets, let us give you some styling tips for beautiful wrists!

Whatever your style, we stock a variety of gorgeous affirmation bracelets – from chunky chains to delicate rope sliders – that’ll not only feel stylish, but also bring you inner peace.

How to style your bracelet(s)

Layer up

Stacking bracelets and rings have gained a large following over the years and it’s a trend that’s not going anywhere soon. 

To get it right, choose bracelets that have similar characteristics (for example, different kinds of beaded bracelets with beads of differing sizes work well. Brightly-coloured beaded bracelets next to a delicate, thin cuff in a precious metal work less well because they are too opposite – the contrast is jarring on the eye.)  

We’ve done the choosing for you with our affirmation bracelet sets which combine complementary metals and gemstones. 

Get your watch involved

When it comes to styling your wrists, don’t leave out your watch – watches are jewellery too!  Alongside certain bracelets, the right watch can complete the look.

But to reiterate the previous point, choose jewellery that complements the watch (i.e. a classic watch and some neon beads won’t quite work).

Find the balance

Less is more? More is more? Which is it? The fashion magazines seem to switch between the two.

Generally, if you want to go bold with statement pieces of jewellery, you should focus on one area of the body. So if you’re wearing several chunky bracelets, choose minimal necklaces, earrings and rings (or none at all). 

It’s not a golden rule, but it’s a good starting point if you’re unsure about jewellery. Adorning the ears, neck and hands with several pieces of jewellery simultaneously is a look, but it can be a hard one to pull off. If you’re worried about over-accessorising, stick to one or the other.

Don’t let long sleeves get in the way of a good bracelet

There’s no point wearing a bracelet if you have long sleeves because it’ll be hidden underneath, right? Wrong! 

Wear your bracelet over your sleeves instead. It’s a strong fashion statement, and if you’re missing cuff buttons, it’s a practical one too. Close-fitting bracelets double up as excellent cufflink alternatives. 

Trust your intuition

Styling yourself is as much about confidence and how you feel as it is about aesthetics. 

If you don’t feel comfortable in a certain style, don’t wear it. Always wear jewellery (or indeed clothing) that builds you up, makes you feel good and fills you with confidence. (And our affirmation bracelets are one way to achieve this.) 

Remember: Just because a piece of jewellery is on trend or your favourite celebrity is wearing it, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Always trust your gut and find a style that makes you feel comfortable and confident. 

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