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The Top 5 Jewellery Trends for 2022


As we emerge from the winter chill (and the numerous lockdowns), it’s finally time to get dressed up again. Pack away the polo necks and adorn your naked fingers, wrists and necklines with an array of beautiful jewels, chains and pendants. 

Post-pandemic, the fashion trends for 2022 are about garnering positivity with bright colours and bold statements. According to the fashion editors, it’s the year for ‘dopamine dressing’.

Here at Soul Analyse, we’ve been advocates of dopamine dressing for many moons already. As big believers in the power of affirmations, it’s great to see that affirmation jewellery is one of this year’s trends.

Here’s the definitive list of jewellery trends for 2022:

Personalised or Affirmation Jewellery

There’s nothing like jewellery with meaning. Whether it’s a personalised pendant, a birthstone ring or a bracelet inscribed with a mantra, sentimental and affirmation jewellery is centre stage at the moment. 

More and more of us are seeing the benefits of using affirmations. One way of practising them is through wearing jewellery that sends a positive message and helps us believe in ourselves. 

Signet rings

Another personalised jewellery favourite that’s big this year is the signet ring. A classic, unisex gold band that’s been popular for centuries, the traditional signet ring is now mainstream. Seen recently on the fingers of many a celebrity, these rings include personalised messages, symbols or family crests. 

Gold signet rings are also the newest addition to the Soul Analyse family of affirmation jewellery. Unsure of your ring size? Take a look at our handy guide

Mixed metals

Certain jewellery rules are passé, one being: don’t mix metals. Actually, wearing silver, gold and rose gold together – whether it’s in a set of bracelets or a single, two-tone piece – is one of the great jewellery trends for 2022. Cartier’s doing it, and we’re doing it. 

Statement jewellery

Usually bold in design, size and colour, statement jewellery allows you to show off your style and stand out from the crowd. Large, and bright necklaces and earrings were worn by models on the Saint Laurent spring/summer 2022 catwalk, but statement doesn’t always have to mean bright colours.

Earrings or a ring with an unusual design packs just as much of a sartorial punch. 


The chain is back. A chunky chain is these days a chic addition to any jewellery box – as shown by Valentino’s spring/summer 2022 collection. But chain jewellery can also be delicate and elegant, like our affirmation chains which feature beautiful inscribed pendants.

. . .

Soul Analyse designs jewellery that changes the way you talk to, and about yourself. Browse our collection of beautiful affirmation jewellery and follow us on Instagram @soulanalyse for some inspiring and uplifting words. 

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