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Sunday Soul Series: Why Travelling is Good for the Soul


Visiting new countries and experiencing different cultures is one of the most rewarding experiences that life has to offer. There is a whole world out there to see, and travelling can change your perspective on life. Here’s why:

Experience new Cultures

What you might learn when travelling is that there is a lot more depth to life than what you originally thought. It can be easy in your everyday routine to forget that you live in a hugely diverse world; where values, beliefs, and language, differ remarkably from country-to-country.

When you experience new cultures you will become more accepting of those around you because you will be comfortable with unfamiliar scenarios. This can be powerful in allowing you to become more diverse in yourself, and it could even bring out your adventurous side. It also forces you to trust your instincts to guide you through new situations, which ultimately leads to self-growth.

Discover the Beauty of Nature 

There is not one thing on this earth that is more stunning than natural beauty, and every region in the world has its own forms of nature – in Alaska you will find magical ice caves, Bali has visually-striking rice fields, Vietnam offers breathtaking rivers, while America is home to 277 miles of the magnificent Grand Canyon. The list could go on but the thing to acknowledge is that each and every part of the world has unique natural beauty. It really can’t be underestimated just how spectacular the world is.

Taking comfort in nature helps you to feel grounded. People can so often become obsessed with material objects, forgetting that the world itself is incomparable to anything that money can buy.  When you are stripped from material things, the bigger picture becomes clear and you are able to see life for what it is.

Evaluate Your Life

Being away from home and life as you know it can be a big eye-opener; giving you the opportunity to evaluate your life and making you more aware of changes that need to be made. This could relate to your career, personal relationships and life decisions.

Being amongst experiences that are new to you, will help you realize that change is a wonderful thing, and it could be the force that gets you to make improvements in your life.

Meet new people

While travelling can demonstrate differences between various cultures, it also highlights our similarities as people. You can learn that no matter how the exterior may appear, we all share the same feelings inside.

Travelling is a great way to make new acquaintances, and many people form long-lasting friendships and even marriages with those they met while travelling. The relationships you make will have a deep meaning to them, this is because you would have encountered new experiences together. Also, it’s the people you meet that make your trip unforgettable!

These are Soul Analyse’s thoughts on why travelling is good for the soul, do you have any of your own?


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