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Stop Being Offended and Accept What is


Are you someone who is easily offended? Do you find yourself often experiencing feelings of annoyance, anger and resentment?

Why do you think you are frequently insulted? Could it be the people surrounding you, or perhaps the scenarios happening around you?

The actual reason you find yourself feeling peeved at other people is: you!

The truth is, the more you have an attitude that tells people that you are judgemental, opinionated and easily-offended, the more you will find yourself in situations that leave you experiencing these feelings.

If, on the other hand, you have a carefree attitude to life and let everyone be whoever they want to be, without taking offence to anything they say or do, you will no longer feel upset by anyone.

It’s important to acknowledge that you are the only person who has control over how you feel and no matter what anyone else does, it’s up to you how you absorb their actions. If you choose to take offence, it’s likely to create lots of negative feeling for you but if you accept it, without even having an opinion on it, it cannot impact you.

Offence is like a poison, it eats you up inside and creates the most deeply engrained negative feelings. Once shifted, it can open up a whole new world of positivity and you will feel lighter as you no longer carry bad thoughts about anyone.

It’s ingrained in us to feel insulted; it’s what we were taught as children by our parents, teachers and peers, so, naturally, it’s not easy to change but it is definitely possible.

You’ll need to make a conscious effort to accept what is – whatever that might be. At first it might seem like you are accepting people’s behaviour that you deem to be wrong but what is really means is that you are taking no responsibility for their actions or words, and are refusing to let it negatively impact your life.

When you no longer feel offended by anything, you will feel free and rather untouchable…

Be free and remove offence from your life!


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  • The law of attraction! I was driving home today, and just thinking how it’s very hard for me not to take things personal, not feel aggravated by other people actions toward me. Is it a lack of self love? Of not knowing who I really am and instead getting somebody else dictate who I am with his actions towards me? Is it a lack of self steem? I think is all of the above. If we knew who we really are in the core of our soul we would not let other people affect us. Cause we would know it has nothing to do with us, but a lot to do with them. Although it might sound something really easy to do, sometimes is not! It takes a lot of work to accept and understand this. :-/

    • Now you are aware of the fact that you are easily-offended, you can make a conscious effort to choose not to take offence. It isn’t easy, no, but it’s certainly rewarding when you get there 🙂

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