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See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil


It’s a pretty famous saying, which I’m sure you have heard before but what will happen to your life, and how will it impact you, if you see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil?

Well first of all, we like to look at everything from a positive point of view, so let’s rephrase that question: how will your life be if you see the best in everyone, digest everything from a non-judgmental point of view and speak only kind and loving words?

We encourage you to live your life this way, as by doing so you are telling the universe that this is what you want in return. And this is what you will be given!

You see, life is like a boomerang – whatever you give out will come right back at you. If you criticize people, you will find that others are judging you. If others offend you, you will find that other people are insulted by you. These kinds of feelings can eat you up inside, and are very damaging to your chances of happiness. But if you are kind to people, however, people will be kind to you. If you radiate love, you will find that you are surrounded by love.

It really is that simple…

When you first begin your positive journey, you will find yourself becoming more conscious of your thoughts and you might be shocked at just how negative your thoughts are. This is a wonderful phase; it means that you have unearthed a new level of consciousness and are ready for change!

Don’t be too alarmed at how many negative thoughts you encounter – you’re on a path to a new, more fulfilling life and now that you are beginning to notice unwanted thoughts, you have the ability to exchange them for positive ones whenever you notice them creeping in.

You must also remember to think self-loving thoughts and be kind to yourself! This is crucial to improving your life. If you don’t think highly of yourself and are lacking self-love and worth, then it’s likely that you are holding a big block in the way of your happiness. To love oneself, is the key to a rewarding life!

Picture your life as a reflection – how you behave, speak and react, will determine how good or bad your life will be. You have the ability to create a life filled with limitless love, laughter and prosperity – be kind, positive and loving and watch the miracles unfold before you.


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  • It has been suggested that during the Koshin festival, according to old beliefs, one’s bad deeds might be reported to heaven “unless avoidance actions were taken…. HEAR-NO-EVIL MONKEY ‹?

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