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Influential Spiritual Masters


Dalai LamaIf you are experiencing spiritual growth – whether it is a recent change, or an area you have been focusing on for a while – there is always room for more guidance. We are very fortunate to live in an era where valuable information is available at the simple click of a button but with so many spiritual masters out there, who is best to follow?

With the internet offering extensive information, we recommend that you utilise the digital age to your advantage. Choose a spiritual teacher who can support you along your spiritual path; find out about their ideas and beliefs, look at what they can offer you in terms of guidance, connect with them via social media and watch their videos on YouTube. 

We took the liberty of putting together a list of seven of the world’s most influential spiritual teachers, which is based on our experiences, and aims to save you countless hours of guesswork and research. Below each name you will find an explanation of why we have chosen them, this is to help you decide whether they are right for you. 

Note, not all of the spiritual masters we list here are alive today but that’s not to say their teachings are any less relevant. Lao Tzu and Dr. Wayne Dyer, for example, have left a legacy that will continue to live on and be appreciated for many years to come. The beauty of the internet is that you are still able to access their inspirational ideas even though they are not here with us today. 

Here is Soul Analyse’s list of the world’s most influential spiritual masters, which is in no particular order. 

1. Eckhart Tolle

Best known as the author of “The Power of Now”, Tolle makes our list due to his profound teachings on living present in the moment. He has devoted his life to helping others find inner peace and has influenced millions of people around the world. Tolle’s ultimate aim is to help people reach a higher state of consciousness, which he regards as “being present”. 

As explained in “Your Thoughts are Causing you Trauma Every Single Day“, obsessive thinking is very damaging to your emotional state of being. Not only does it remove you from the present moment but people who regularly encounter negative thoughts are often subjected to illness, depression, rage and anxiety.

2. Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu was a philosopher of ancient China, who founded the philosophical system of Taoism, which teaches to live genuine and content lives, to be accepting and live in harmony. Some cite there are 20 million Taoists across the globe today, while others have estimated there to be over 200 million, (The exact figure is near impossible to estimate, due to the varying factors.)

Lao Tzu is also the creator of the text known as Tao Te Ching. The book, which consists of 81 verses, invites you to let go of the world as you know it; stop measuring happiness based on ‘things’ and success, and instead allow inner peace to become your accomplishment. 

3. Louise Hay

Louise Hay, or the ‘Queen of Self-Love’, as we like to call her, has transformed the lives of millions of people around the world through her teachings and books, including best-seller ‘You can Heal your Life’. 

What is most inspiring about Hay, is her personal story, which saw her suffer abuse and serious health issues before learning to love herself. Hay can teach you how to let go of limitations and live your life exactly how you would like. No matter what upbringing you experienced, you can live a truly fulfilling life, according to Louise Hay and we fully agree!

4. The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama is not only the spiritual leader for Tibetan and Western Buddhists but he is now also widely regarded as a global spiritual master. 

Spending his life teaching peace and love, the Dalai Lama travels the world to speak to huge audiences who are interested in learning about Buddhist beliefs. He also tirelessly campaigns for non-violence and democracy, and has spent more than half a century spreading messages of peace. 

5. Dr. Wayne Dyer

The great, late Dr. Wayne Dyer, or ‘The Father of Motivation’, as he is better known, was one of the most respected people in the spiritual space. Overcoming many obstacles from his disruptive childhood, Dyer taught people self-empowerment and guided them to live peaceful and fulfilling lives. 

A true leader, Dyer didn’t just tell people how to better their lives, he demonstrated it too. He even spent a whole year living according to Taoism. In this period, Dyer gave up all of his material items; his clothes, his books, even his house. He learned how to let life take its natural course, rather than being focused on the short-lived artificial happiness that is often found with material items. You can find many of Wayne Dyer’s teachings via YouTube. 

6. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a life coach who dedicates his life to helping people achieve their dreams and reach success. A catalyst for change, Robbins is well-known for his ability to break down old patterns that prevent people from moving forward. 

His popular speaking events, many of which can be viewed on YouTube, have been attended by people who have exclaimed that he made changes to their lives in minutes, which would otherwise have taken decades.  

7. Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is a pioneer of mind-body medicine and also a huge promoter of spirituality. Devoted to building awareness around mind/body spiritual healing, Chopra’s books, such as ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’, have been read by millions of people across the globe. 

He is also the founder of the Chopra Foundation – an organisation, which offers teaching and resources for health and spirituality for disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Who is your favourite spiritual master, and is there anyone we have missed? Let us know in the box below. 

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  • The Dalai Lama; I always take advice from guys like this with a grain of salt ! Here’s a guy who from the age of 4 was told that he was a living God! Never had to do a hard days work in his life ! Always had others slaving for him ! Show me some calluses , some sweat , come and work hard for 14 hours a day with me, then lecture me about my life !!! Holy men of whatever religion are all more or less leaches !!!

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