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The Great Mystery on the Journey of Life


One of our readers Shari Hague has written some beautiful words to share with you.

journey of life

With life, there are many challenges; we are faced with new ones every day
Sometimes we do not understand why we must struggle so
But with each new day, an answer will come
We must learn to seek out the path that will lead us
To a new and challenging future
We do not ask for pain nor do we ask for difficulty
Yet, daily we must face these trying times in our lives
We shall encompass days that will make us feel unworthy
We must look for strength from within ourselves and from within others
To enable us to push forward to reach the dawn of a new day
To embrace the dark sky of a new night
People from all walks of life will come and go in our lifetime
They are on their own journey; we are all merely passersby
A spectacle on the surface of each other’s lives
We are each here to help one another get from this point to the next
From this world to the next
What purpose do we really serve here upon this earth?
Do we want to know?
For now we just keep moving on, going from day to day
Wondering what new adventures we will embark upon each day
Remember those you meet, for someday, as time does pass
We will look back at our lives on earth
Once we have moved on, to the Great Life beyond
And we will think of those who were in our lives
The people that made a difference, no matter if it were great or small
Some little gesture of kindness meant to help us on our way
Before we reach our final destination
The reasons for the kindness that was shown
May not be known to us now, but someday it will be
We will face those greatest challenges with the strength and wisdom
We sought after for so long, all because someone else cared
Maybe a stranger, maybe a friend
Just simple kindness, a gesture of good faith
Love shared from the heart from one person to another
The compassion we show one another, may be the key that unlocks
The Great Mystery on the Journey of Life

©Shari E. (Hague) Davis

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