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Four Tips for Reconnecting with Your Soul



Beneath your mind and beneath your body lies a deep sense of you that is so often neglected – your soul. Ultimately your soul is the true essence of you, your inner being – it is the truth of who you are.

We experience a disconnection with our souls when we place too much concentration on the exterior. Life often takes over and rather than focusing our attention within, we tend to focus on the external world – people, places and things.

If you are experiencing a disconnection with your soul, you’ll be familiar with the symptoms below: 

  • A lack of meaning
  • Feeling incomplete
  • Emotional unbalance
  • A lack of self-worth
  • Stress

Reconnecting with your soul offers a plethora of benefits – along with healing the symptoms above, it also gives you inner peace, self-love and a deeper connection with your authentic self.

Your soul is always with you but you can, and will, lose touch with it if you fail to pay attention to it. Here are four tips to help you reconnect with your soul.

Tip 1) Accept what Is

When we go through life continually objecting to the way others behave, and always judging, we are only discrediting ourselves and disrupting our own peace. Feeling responsible for, or angry with, other people creates a battlefield within ourselves. When we simply accept what is, we shield ourselves from any negative experiences we may encounter along the way.

While at first you may need to make a conscious effort to be accepting of other people’s behaviour, in time you will find that it comes naturally to you. Initially you may even feel that you are condoning behaviour that you don’t necessarily agree with, but what it really means is you are removing yourself from the negative situation and not taking responsibility for someone else. Perhaps most importantly, you are refusing to allow another person to interfere with your soul.

Tip 2) Stay True to Yourself

We are all individual beings, which means we have a duty of care to our own lives but if we allow ourselves to be influenced by others, we can end up on a path that wasn’t meant for us. Allow yourself to be guided by your gut instincts, rather than other people, and you will be led in the right direction for you.

Staying true to yourself means doing what makes you feel good. So much of our time is spent putting other people’s needs first that we often don’t get a chance to fulfil our own wishes, and we neglect our souls in doing so. Shift your awareness to doing things that feel right for you, and you will discover new ways to nurture your soul.

Tip 3) Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is a good way to reflect on your life, discover your truths and build an intimate relationship with yourself. While our thoughts and words are usually rehearsed, what we jot down on paper quite often comes from the heart; you can learn a lot about your true self simply by writing.

As you develop a stronger connection with your soul through journaling you will be better equipped to make life choices that suit your needs, and it also helps a lot with getting things off your chest.

Tip 4) Be at one with Nature

Nature is undoubtedly one the most precious gifts we are offered in this world, and not only for its beauty. Spending time in nature is astoundingly calming; it provides a key way to connect with our souls. When we are surrounded by nature, our thoughts slow down, which gives us the space needed to bond with our most fundamental state of being. 

As explained in ‘How to Live in the Present Moment‘, when we are fully absorbed in our surroundings, our attention is placed firmly in the present moment, which detaches us from the noise in our minds and helps put life into perspective. 

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