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Choose your Thoughts Carefully


The thoughts we think become our realities, and the feelings we combine with these thoughts influence our lives even further.

Our lives are more fulfilling when we choose to think positive thoughts but, on the flip side, negative thoughts attract negativity into our lives.

The harm of Negative Thinking

The name is a big giveaway, negative thinking can only bring negativity into your life. We all think negative thoughts sometimes, whoever says they don’t is certainly lying. But it’s how often we think bad thoughts that determines their impact. 

If you think negative thoughts the majority of the time, then it’s unquestionable that you will have more bad than good come your way. Negative thinking is harmful to your mind, body and soul – everything that connects you as a person. 

While there are still so many people suffering due to negative thinking, you can choose otherwise. Choose positive thoughts to attract more love, happiness and prosperity into your life. 

The Power of Positive Thinking

The wonderful thing about positive thinking is, like attracts like, so the more positive you are, the more positivity will flow into your life in abundance. There’s no limit to how rewarding your life can be.

Positive thinking creates positive emotions, which create possibilities and opportunities. You will see your life transform right before your very eyes, if you choose to feel, act and, most importantly, think positive.

So often we waste our lives waiting to be happy; waiting for the perfect job, the ideal weight, or waiting until we feel good to get things done. The problem is – this waiting is getting you nowhere. If you’re not happy right now, you won’t be happy in the future. Appreciate your life as exactly as is it and you’ll receive more to appreciate.

How to Think Positive Thoughts

As explained in ‘Living in the Now’, being in the present moment allows you to appreciate each moment you are in, without any interruption from inner thoughts. Living in the now also cuts out worrying thoughts about the past or future, which is what most of our thoughts are based on.

Saying affirmations each and everyday is a foolproof way to think positive thoughts and attract positivity into your life. If you’re new to affirmations, you might want to take a look at ‘How Affirmations will Change your Life’, which explains what they are and how they can help transform your life from negative to positive. 

Meditation is also a wonderful way to clear our minds, calm the body and create a feeling of inner peace. It will help to ease your thoughts and give your mind a well needed rest. Meditation is so powerful that it can ease physical pain; prolonged practise has an impact on the brain and changes the perception of pain, which demonstrates just how effective meditation can be. 

Positive thinking is not favoured by everybody, and there are many disbelievers but there are also many, many people living fantastic lives because they do believe in it. Which will you choose? There’s nothing to lose, change your life today – choose think positive thoughts! 

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