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20 Self Love Affirmations to Increase Your Self Esteem

Here are 20 self love affirmations to boost your self esteem. Say them in your head or out loud to experience full results – and remember, repetition is key.


Love yourself

1. “I am beautiful.” 

2. “I love and approve of myself.”

3. “I choose to think thoughts that enhance my life greatly.”

4. “I am worthy.

5. “I accept myself exactly as I am.”

6. “Forgiveness is the door out of my past. 

7. “When I forgive myself, it is easier for me to forgive others.”

8. “I accept that I cannot change anyone but myself.

9. “My life is constantly improving.”

10. “I understand that in order to grow, change is needed.

11. “I flow easily with life.”

12. “I am worthy of forgiveness.

13. “All experiences are opportunities to grow.”

14. “I welcome positive change with ease.

15. “I am deeply grateful for all of the wonderful people and things in my life.”

16. “I radiate good health.

17. “I only give my body goodness.”

18. “I trust my intuition.

19. “I lovingly think in a positive way.”

20. “I am at peace with myself.

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Which affirmation do you find most helpful?

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