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What Are Anxiety Rings and How Do They Help?


Anxiety affects about 1 in 6 people in the UK. At some point in our lives all of us will experience anxiety in one form or another – whether it’s feeling nervous about a job interview, worrying about a relationship or being stressed out by work.

But when anxiety infringes heavily on our everyday lives is when it becomes problematic.

Seeking help for anxiety or any mental health issue is something we would always encourage, but in the meantime, relievers like anxiety rings can offer solace.

Anxiety rings can be very effective in releasing the anxious mind from its bind. It’s important to note that they shouldn’t be viewed as a cure-all solution to anxiety, rather, a soothing source of momentary comfort.

What are anxiety rings?

Anxiety rings are like any other ring. The difference is that they include moveable design elements which, when touched, are known to help distract, calm and soothe. They work in much the same way as fidget spinners… except anxiety rings are prettier and wearable!

Playing with an anxiety ring is an alternative to other anxious compulsive behaviours like nail-biting or hair-pulling. An anxiety ring is more discreet and helps promote mindfulness. You might even find that playing with an anxiety ring stops you biting your nails.

Our stylish and delicate Fidget Anxiety Spinner Ring features tiny, movable, bead-like elements which can be moved from side-to-side or spun, helping you relieve stress whenever you need.

How do anxiety rings help?

Katherine Isbister, Ph.D., Research Director of the Social Emotional Technology Lab at the University of California says, “Humans are not built to sit still all day long and use only our heads”. 

It’s a reassuring statement when we consider that many of us find ourselves obliged to do exactly this, everyday, at work. It’s no wonder then that we feel tetchy from time to time. 

As well as distracting from stress, anxiety rings can help ground you. When your mind goes into overwhelm, momentarily playing with an anxiety ring helps you refocus and redirect nervous energy. 

The need for sensory stimulation is not a new thing. Prayer beads, weighted meditation balls and the like have existed for centuries. This proves that, as Dr Isbister states, anxious fidgeting is natural and not a direct response to modern-day stimuli – as we might think.

In fact, fidgeting, restlessness and hyper-vigilance is a physical response to perceived threat.  So, from an evolutionary standpoint, anxiety has been crucial to our survival. 

What this means is, if you feel anxious, there isn’t something wrong with you and you’re also not alone. Luckily, these days we’re not fending off wild animals as we hunt for food, but the emotional and physical threats in today’s society are still just as real and difficult to navigate. If you feel anxious, or if you know you’re triggered by certain situations (most of us are), consider an anxiety ring. That it doubles up as a beautiful piece of jewellery is a happy bonus.

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