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Q&A: What’s my Purpose?

WEEKLY Q&AQ: Dear Soul Analyse,

I guess I’m asking a question that you can’t answer but maybe you can give me some direction towards finding the answers.

I sometimes feel like I’m just gliding through life with no direction or purpose. I know I have a purpose but I also know I’m not fulfilling it right now. The reason I know this is because there is a deep sense in my soul that my life is supposed to be different from this, and I’m ignoring my purpose. 

How can I find my purpose, and begin living the way that is right for me?



A: Dear Selina,

Thank you for your question. It’s interesting you should mention that you feel as though you’re ignoring your purpose, because in a way that’s exactly what is happening. 

Many of us aren’t aware of the fact we are constantly being given signs that are intended to guide us through life. Sure, we might pick up on them from time-to-time but how often do we allow ourselves to listen to those inner callings? How often do you?

You have a destiny that you know is yours, we all do, but in order for you to fulfil it, you must pay attention to the voice within, not the one in your mind. Be mindful that you are continually being directed by signs but instead of identifying with them, it’s likely that you are identifying with your mind, and the callings are being ignored. 

Whatever we put our attention to, tends to manifest in our lives, so if you make listening to your inner wisdom your priority, you will begin to understand more about your life purpose. We explain more about following callings in, How do I Know if I’m Being Guided by my Intuition? 

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