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The Untold Magic of Dogs

If you are a dog-fanatic, you’ll agree that our four-legged friends are so much more than just a cute face. If you haven’t spent much time with dogs, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about…

Dogs are a fascinating species; the way in which they conduct themselves is nothing short of remarkable. They can teach us all a lesson or two and here we list the key mannerisms that you might want to follow.


Living in the Moment

Our pooches are real experts when it comes to living in the moment; they embrace every second and make the most of each and every opportunity.

Dogs don’t worry about the past or fear the future and we wouldn’t either, if we could just live in the moment. Soul Analyse constantly writes about ‘Living in the Now‘ – the benefits are clear but the main advantage is happiness; it’s almost impossible to feel anxiety, stress and worry if we live in the present moment.

Appreciation for Nature

What is every dog’s pastime? You got it, walkies! But not just because they like stretching their legs. Dogs are obsessed with the great outdoors; they love nature and their senses come alive to natural surroundings. This is something us humans would benefit from too.

It’s so easy to become fixated on material objects that we often don’t appreciate nature for what it is; it helps us to feel grounded, remembering that we are merely one living species, alongside many other. Dogs know this, that’s why they love exploring – they are intrigued by nature – from animals, to humans, right through to plants, flowers and the ocean.


Have you ever seen a dog hold a grudge? They don’t, and guess what? They’re happier because of it. Dogs certainly have moments where they are upset – perhaps they didn’t get a treat, or walkies wasn’t for as long as they’d like – but these moments are short-lived and they quickly forget whatever it was that upset them.

Dogs are a great example of why forgiveness is linked to happiness – when you forgive, you are free and you let go of negative feeling. This, in turn, makes you resilient and when something goes wrong, you’ll quickly bounce back.


You only have to look at a dog to set their tail wagging; they are the most loveable creatures! Once you have gained a dog’s love, they are fiercely loyal and they know which side their bread is buttered. 

While they are very good at getting what they want, dogs also understand the perfect balance of a relationship. You have to earn their love and the more love you show, the more you’ll receive. Take it from us, there really is no bond like the one shared between human and dog. 

Led by Instincts

Many of the decisions we make are based on thoughts and ideas that relate to past experiences but what we’re finding is an increasing number of people are becoming wiser to the fact that intuition is one of the most powerful tools they possess.

Dogs are led by their instincts, which tell them whether they like a person, a food, or a place. Your instincts will serve you right too – you just have to trust them. Your gut feeling can guide you through unfamiliar situations or environments, and will also lead to self-growth as you believe in your intuition and become more aware of who you are.

What are your thoughts on taking inspiration from dogs? Let us know in the comment box below.


3 thoughts on “The Untold Magic of Dogs

  1. Chris Noffz says:

    Even if you’ve been gone from the house for a few moments, they greet you like you’ve been gone for days! I love the joy I feel when I see his tail (and backside of his body!) wiggle with glee every time I come through the front door.

    1. Soul Analyse - Admin says:

      Yep – we can all relate to those wonderful moments Chris! How lucky we are to be met with such love when we walk through the door 🙂

  2. bkpyett says:

    So true, we love our dog and he gives us love in Spades!

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