I AM – Affirmation Bracelet – (Gold)


I AM are two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality.

Size: (width -3mm) (length -6inches)



I AM is a beautiful gold affirmation bracelet that acts as a powerful reminder that can be worn every day. Dainty but sturdy, our reminder bracelets are much more than just jewellery; they have meaning and make the perfect thoughtful gift.

Gift Wrap

We like to add a special touch, which is why we can offer luxury gift wrap and a handwritten personalised note sealed with a wax stamp. These options are available at check-out.



Width: 3mm

Length: 6inches


Adjusting Your Bracelet


-Bracelets can be adjusted for the perfect fit, and can be worn on different sized wrists


Place your bracelet on your wrist and gently but firmly squeeze to tighten, or open to widen.



Made of stainless steel, bracelets and rings are tarnish resistant, keep their shine and are designed for everyday long-term wear.

-Gold and rose gold jewellery is 14ct plated