“Once upon a time, society created a tiny little box. Within that box, they placed many rigid ideas. Everyone was then given the impossible expectation of fitting into that box. If they didn’t match the criteria, they were deemed not good enough…”

Sad story… But isn’t it the story that the majority of us tell ourselves – that there’s a box and if we don’t fit into the box, we are inferior?

These superficial ideas about what it means to be a woman, what it means to be a man, what it means to be ‘perfect’, what it means to be beautiful, what it means to be successful, and everything else that we have expectations to be, are unattainable and wrong.

If we define our worth based on what society wants us to be, we’ll never be good enough.

It’s time to start celebrating what makes us different. It’s time to start loving all of the things that separate us as individuals, while connecting with the things we share. And it’s time to start being comfortable in our own skin, while believing that we are enough exactly as we are – without needing to change!

Soul Analyse is a self-help organisation that has been running since 2015. We’re making progress with our mission; we’ve passed these ideas onto individuals all around the world and we’re working tirelessly to shut down society’s outdated box.

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