PAIN IS TEMPORARY – Men’s Bracelet


The men’s¬†PAIN IS TEMPORARY bracelet features a powerful message to remind you to not give up because the pain you are in will eventually subside.

Size: (Width -7mm) (Thickness -2mm) (Length -6.5 inches)




Width: 7mm

Thickness: 2mm

Length: 6.5 inches


Made from stainless steel, our men’s bracelets are tarnish-resistant, strong and durable, designed for everyday, long-term wear.

Adjusting Your Bracelet

Bracelets can be adjusted for the ideal fit, and can be worn on different-sized wrists

To tighten, when your bracelet is on your wrist, gently but firmly squeeze either side
until the desired size is met.

To widen, gently pull either side of the bracelet until it fits comfortably.