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Your Thoughts are Causing you Trauma Every Single Day


Positive thinking isn’t an airy-fairy belief system designed to make you live in cloud cuckoo land; there’s good reason why millions of people around the world are incorporating a new way of thinking into their daily lives – negative thinking is very damaging to your mind, body and soul.

Here we explain how your thoughts are causing you trauma.

your mind is causing you traumaBringing Unnecessary Trauma into your Life

To understand the trauma that negative thinking has on our bodies, we must first realise what happens when we think negative thoughts.

Consider a time when you were thinking about an upsetting event that happened in the past, perhaps it was a relationship breakdown, or an accident you or someone else experienced, or maybe a loss? Whichever it was, it is very likely that, in the moment you were thinking about it, your mind and body relived that frightening event, which would in effect cause a whole load of negative and upsetting emotions.

Many people also tend to worry about the future and this is equally traumatic – rehearsing a worrying future moment, which might never even happen, is highly damaging to your emotional state of being. Not only are you potentially attracting that moment into your life, you are experiencing the emotional trauma of whatever it is that you were thinking about in that moment. 

The Influence of the Mind

It’s important to acknowledge that the mind and body are two separate entities – and you are not your mind. Realise deeply that the thoughts you experience are not who you are, that voice in your head isn’t you. You are also not your body. What you are is far greater than that; you are an infinite being and you have a choice whether to be guided by your mind or your instincts. 

That’s not to say your mind isn’t powerful. It is. And it has the strength to influence how your body feels. This is why people who regularly think negative thoughts are often subjected to illness, depression, rage and anxiety.

There is always only one result from negative thinking – suffering. Thoughts become obsessive and the mental noise you create stops you from connecting with your true self.

Seeking Peace

You may have become accustomed to believing that negative, compulsive thinking is normal and you might regularly use phrases such as, “I am so stressed”, or “I’ve had a terrible day” but are you really stressed, did you really have a terrible day? Or, as the truth may be, did you experience a lot of negative thoughts throughout the day?

It’s only when you are able to distinguish between negative thinking and true events, that you are able to make change.

Peace cannot be found in thoughts, or in the mind; peace comes from within and can only be found when the mind is still.

If you choose to live in the present moment, it is impossible to worry about the past or fear the future. Living in the now also helps us to experience inner stillness and reconnect with the true self, which is ultimately who we are.

In ‘How to Remove Negativity from your life in one Easy Step’, we outline a method that will help you to live a more fulfilling life. 

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