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Why Positive Thinking Isn't Working For You


So you’ve been thinking lots of positive thoughts, saying your affirmations regularly and focusing on improving your life, but you’re not seeing the changes you might have expected.

Sound familiar? Fear not, here we explain why positive thinking isn’t working for you, and offer tips so that you can make the changes necessary to see improvements in your life.

How Much of Your Thinking is Still Negative?

You might have made changes to the way that you think – which is great btw! – but how much of your thinking is positive and how much of it is still negative?

There seems to be a common misconception where people believe that they can think a few positive thoughts and see instant great results, even though much of their time is still spent thinking thoughts of a negative nature. You can’t expect to see good changes all the while your mind is focusing on the bad.

Any words, thoughts, feelings and actions that we put out into the Universe are attracted back into our lives, so if a lot of your thinking is negative, it’s no wonder you aren’t seeing your desired results. In order for positive thinking to really work, you have to make huge changes to the way you think, you need to be willing to quit the negative chatter that takes place in your mind.

It’s not possible to think positive thoughts 100% of the time, we are only human after all, but we can choose to perceive even negative experiences in the best light. Your perception is everything; choosing to see the best in every situation will create an incredible flow of positive energy, even if things don’t seem to be going well. 

The Universe Will Only Believe If You Do Too

It’s all well and good thinking positive thoughts, but do you really believe what you are thinking?

If our thoughts don’t match our beliefs, it can prevent positive things from happening, even if our thoughts are positive. Let’s take an example, if somebody is using positive affirmations to increase their income, but deep-down they believe that money is bad and they believe they don’t deserve wealth, it’s highly unlikely that this person would see an improvement in their finances. In fact, they would more than likely see their financial situation worsen because the Universe is more responsive to our beliefs than our thoughts.

You have to really believe whatever it is you are asking of the Universe, and you may have to remove any barriers – such as old negative self-beliefs – that are holding you back.

Self-beliefs are formed when a thought is repeated so much that it becomes deep-rooted in our belief system. Affirmations offer a magnificent way of altering negative beliefs, as they allow us to work on creating new positive self-beliefs. If you’re saying affirmations regularly but aren’t seeing great results, take a look at our affirmation challenge to find out if you are using them correctly.

You Aren’t Doing Enough To Make It Happen

Ultimately, you are responsible for your own happiness and if you want to live a fulfilling life, you have to put in the work. While positive thinking is magical, it certainly doesn’t work by magic. Positive thinking is just one aspect of making it happen – the action you take is equally important.

Anyone who ever achieved something special will tell you that it didn’t come easy. You have to put your mind, body and soul into it; once your thinking, feelings and actions are working together to achieve something, the results are tremendous.

Find ways to focus your actions on achieving your goals – do whatever it takes to make it happen. Get up earlier, go to bed earlier, eat healthier, speak words of positivity, be kind and most importantly, be grateful.

Don’t Give Up

Sometimes we are tested along the way to getting where we want to go. Some people give up easily, others will keep pushing forward no matter what barriers they face. The latter will always achieve their goals, even if it takes time. Nothing worth having comes quickly or easily, but the ones who never give up are the ones to prosper.

If you are new to positive thinking, give it time to work. Remember, you’ve been using your mind in a certain way for most of your life, so changing your thoughts takes time and effort.

The good news is that it does work – there are plenty of people who stand testament to positive thinking, ourselves included. Soul Analyse is a project that began as a result of a single positive thought, and we continue to grow every day because we are constantly injecting our brand with positive thoughts, words and actions.

The road may seem long, but if you stay focused and make small changes every day, you will see fantastic results in the long run.

To summarise, the fact that you’ve already began making changes to your thoughts is wonderful – you’re on the right track! Make sure you keep an eye on those niggling negative thoughts, truly believe that you are deserving of receiving all of your desires and work hard to make it happen!

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