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Why Music is Good for the Soul


It’s dubbed as the language of the soul, it has healing powers, it’s romantic – what’s not to love about music? Our latest article in the Sunday Soul Series explores why it is so special and, more importantly, why music is good for the soul. 


Sentimental Value

Music holds a rare sentiment that cannot be found elsewhere; it triggers memories that take you back to any moment in time. Your favourite music will most likely have sentimental value associated with it, even if you don’t know it, and you’ll be attracted to sounds and words that resonate with you the most.

If you’ve lost someone close to you, you’ll know only too well that music can connect you with them. Listening to your loved one’s favourite songs will make you feel like they are nearby and, take it from us, they probably are. 


Music and romance are a match made in heaven – the two are very closely linked, which is why it’s not a surprise that an estimated 90% of all songs are about love. 

But what is it about music that makes it romantic? We feel its because music can beautifully explain how you feel about someone, the world, or even yourself and, while it sounds kind of cheesy, music intensifies love. Powerful words, combined with beautiful melody are a recipe for something spectacular. 

The Healing Effects

When you listen to music that you enjoy, endorphins are released from the brain, so listening to the right song at the right time can be a fantastic healer.  It has been suggested that music without words is particularly healing when it comes to your emotional well-being, this is because it’s less-likely to conjure negative emotions. 

Interestingly, research has found that music also holds many health benefits – one particular study found that it can strengthen the heart and improve the recovery of patients suffering from heart disease. 

The Universal Language

What’s really magical about music is the fact that it is the universal language, which is understood by all cultures, ages and types of people. It has nothing to do with the words but rather, the emotions it creates. Music communicates love, happiness, and even sadness – these are emotions experienced by all – making it the universal language. 

It’s quite wonderful to know that in a world full of such diversity, there is something that connects all human beings.


Whether it’s a mindset that you want to get into, or to exercise, clean or drive, music is a mighty motivator to get you going. There are huge amounts of research to suggest that music improves performance, especially when it comes to exercise – this is because it takes the focus away from your body awareness. You might be interested to know that athletes are sometimes banned from listening to music because it creates an unfair advantage during games. 

Studies have found that the type of music you listen to has a direct impact on your emotions. To get motivated, opt for listening to songs with an upbeat nature. Music has the ability to put you in the right frame of mind to achieve anything. 

What do you love most about music? Tell us in the box below. 

To keep up-to-date with the Soul Series articles, check out ‘Why Travelling is Good for the Soul’. 

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