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Use Your Mind to Create Your Ideal Life



Just as your mind has the power to deplete you and cause depression, anxiety, sadness, illness, and any other negative experiences, you can also use your mind to transform your life into one that is rewarding, uplifting and highly fulfilling.

Through the power of the mind, you can create the life you want – here I explain how.

Your Thoughts Reflect Your Life

Ultimately the mind has a lot of power over what happens in our lives; the nature of our thoughts is perfectly aligned with how happy, sad or motivated we are.

In fact, a recent survey carried out among 1,000 Soul Analyse readers found that 95% of those who described their thoughts as mostly positive were satisfied with their lives. In comparison, 77% of people who described their thoughts as mostly negative were unhappy. 

This could come as a daunting prospect. But instead, why not see it as an opportunity? You have the tools to change your life by changing your thoughts!

Generally, if you tend to think thoughts of a negative nature, your life will likely feel dull and unrewarding. Thoughts of a positive nature, however, make life exciting, fulfilling and attract positive experiences.

Ask yourself these questions – do my thoughts match my ideal life? Do I think in a way that is enriching and rewarding? Or do I think in a way that is starving me of more happiness?

This post provides some helpful pointers on how you can think more positively and fight negative beliefs.

Note, we all encounter negative thoughts sometimes, so don’t be too firm with yourself, but making a conscious effort to think in a positive manner as much as possible, will unearth a river of opportunity. 

Change Your Thoughts, And… Also Your Words

Our thoughts are just one component in a mix of things that shape our lives. Our words, feelings and actions are also contributing factors, and it’s important that positive change takes place throughout every facet of our being.

Thoughts produce energy, and the same is true for feelings and words too. When we think, speak or act in a way that is negative or pessimistic, we create a toxic environment, and it’s difficult to be positive. 

But when we produce powerful energy using positive thoughts, words and actions, the results are astounding

We need to be aware that each spoken word creates a domino effect; which is eventually returned to us. Perhaps a boomerang is a better expression; everything we release into the world, comes back in due course.

Live Your Ideal Life

Visualisation is a brilliant way of putting out requests to the universe; we can quite literally ask for anything.

I suggest picturing the life you want, and see everything through the lens of that life – even go as far as believing that you already have whatever it is you want. 

Affirmations can be very handy here – they are positive statements that allow us to affirm something to be true even if it is not yet. Find out more about using affirmations here.

Don’t focus too much on material items, while it’s good to request security and stability, if you broaden your focus to your inner desires, such as inner peace, health and happiness, you will find your outer life benefit in many areas too.

Pay Attention

The universe is very generous but we have to work with it in a meaningful way, and this means paying attention.

There is an invisible light that attempts to guide each of us through life; it delivers signs in the form of hunches, coincidences and synchronicities. Sounds fantastic, right – but how often do we pay attention to them?

Connections and synchronicities are always there but can be difficult to see when we are drowned in negative thought. When you lessen negativity in the mind, your attention will become sharper and you’ll be more likely to notice signs.

When we create a healthy, positive state of mind, and allow space so that we can pay attention to the signs, our eyes are opened to a pathway that leads to fulfillment, contentment and peace.

And remember, it doesn’t all fall on your shoulders; the universe is there to assist you – work with it and everything will fall into place.

Share your thoughts below. 

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