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Three Simple Ways to Maintain a Present State of Awareness


Learn how to lessen noise in the mind, stop worrying about the future or past, and be content with what is.

Here are three tips to help you maintain a present state of awareness.

1) Mind Your Thoughts

The most important step when it comes to mindfulness is acknowledging that you are not your mind. Your true self is much deeper than the mind – it is your soul and the very essence of what makes you who you are.

The mind is a separate part of you, which, when left to wander, can, and probably will, cause havoc.

It is possible to reduce the power that our thoughts have over us simply by keeping an eye on the mind. When we watch our thoughts, we don’t tend to take them so seriously and they don’t have so much influence over how we feel.

I’m sure we have all had times where one, tiny innocent thought has led to a mountain of worry for the sheer reason that we let the mind run away with us. Being mindful of thoughts, helps to prevent our thoughts from escalating.

Becoming aware of our thoughts does require diligence, patience and a little empathy. It’s crucial that we don’t judge or try to stop any thoughts entering the mind, as this creates further negative thinking. Simply just notice thoughts as they come and go, allowing them to enter and leave the mind with ease.

2) Focus On Whatever is Happening Right Now

How many of our positive experiences are dampened by noise that takes place in the mind? So often we live in our minds, which removes us from the present moment and restricts not only how much we enjoy life but also how much we achieve.

The mind can be a huge distraction; it takes our attention away from the present moment and limits our ability to get things done, such as work, tasks around the home or even relaxing.

How much of your time is spent thinking, instead of ‘doing’ or ‘being’?

When we are absorbed in whatever is happening, our attention is placed on the here and now and we are able to enjoy the moment for what it is, without being distracted by thoughts.

Start to pay attention to whatever is happening right now in the present moment by appreciating the detail that each moment offers. Focus on the wonder that exists around you – it can be the most ordinary moment but you can still find great significance if you notice all of the detail without being distracted by thought.

The more you practice paying attention to the now, the more you will be able to maintain a present state of awareness. 

3) And Breathe

Mindfulness breathing is now one of the most common practices when it comes to creating present moment awareness. It works by using the breath as an object for concentration.

The following exercise can be carried out for as little as five minutes at a time to help bring your awareness to the here and now:

Sit in a comfortable position where you are fully relaxed and begin to focus on your breath. Take notice of the speed at which you are breathing and pay attention to the breath as it flows into your body and then back out. Be fully aware of each detail of your breath – feel the air enter your nostrils as you inhale, and notice as it gently touches your lips when you exhale.

Once you get to grips with mindfulness breathing, you will find that you’ll be able to use it pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

The suffering we experience as a result of our thoughts is often unnecessary; if we focus our attention on the present moment, we free our minds from the pain of our thoughts.

Also – take a look at the I AM Present bracelet, which acts as a reminder to help you stop worrying about the past or future, and stay present in the moment. 

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