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Guest Post

The Power of Now... And Now And Now


Our latest guest post, which was written by author and blogger Arthur Russell, looks at how living in the present moment can support the Law of Attraction. 

In 1997, Eckhart Tolle first published his book entitled The Power of Now. It was to become incredibly popular, and he is now one of the most influential spiritual teachers of our time. His message of awakening to the beauty of the present moment struck a chord with millions of people. And continues to do so.

What does this have to do with the Law of Attraction? The simple answer is just about everything. Present-moment living – as opposed to living in the conceptual confines of our mind – allows us to be aware of what is actually happening in our lives. Now. In my case, it grounds me in what is happening as I write this blog entry, not the one in which I have finished editing, nor the ones I am writing later. Present-moment living also allows us to disengage from our automatic and reactive ways and discover our true freedom.

Such freedom is imperative if we are to create deliberately. The Law of Attraction – as we already realise – requires that we have an understanding of what we are thinking now. We must be free to think, to choose wisely, to be mindful. If we are functioning from an automatic state of consciousness, we risk creating negative results based on negative thoughts and feelings that we might be entertaining consciously or subconsciously.

So, how do we learn to become more aware in the moment? As with other skills: through practice. One of the best methods involves regular meditation. Even five minutes of meditation each day, on a consistent basis, will reward us greatly. Most people may envision meditation as an activity that is only practiced cross-legged on a pillow. In the beginning that may be true. As we progress, however, meditation brings a profound shift in the way that we live. In time, we bring a meditative state into more of our daily activities. We will be present in more of our tasks; truly engaged in the moment. It is this very mindfulness that will help us create the positive results that we desire.

In addition to the benefits related to creative manifestation, there is an even greater – and more important – truth to be found. Through accessing the power of now, we come to know our true self. This real and eternal self realises that name, age, nationality, and social status are simply masks we have worn to facilitate a human experience. This may be better understood through this well-known saying: Don’t mistake the map for the territory. What does this mean? It means that we are not wise to mistake the symbol for the real thing.

Please give it a try. Say “Yes” to a new practice in your life. You will gain in your abilities to create more successfully, and also come to a deeper realization of who you really are. And remember: It is through this very moment that your dreams reach toward you…as you reach forward to embrace them.

Dare to dream.

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Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell is passionate about the Law of Attraction; his blog, which can be found here, offers insightful advice on manifesting your dreams and living a fulfilling life. You can also find out more about Arthur’s book, ‘Hold That Thought‘ by clicking the link.

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