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The Lock-Down which Will Unlock Your True Self


We are being given a once in a lifetime opportunity to rediscover ourselves. Here’s how you can make the most of this time in lockdown.

You’ve done it so far. Thousands of activities, matters, busy schedules, quick meals in the city, long working hours. Ever-increasing demands on yourself. Superficial acquaintances, too much alcohol, murderous training in the gym, hours spent in shopping malls, boutiques or beauty salons. Holidays in fashionable resorts, weekend trips, long hours in front of the TV. The pursuit of money. Just more, just louder and always in company. The more activities, the better, the more you felt that you were living and fully enjoying your life.

Nowhere to Run from Escapism

You felt like the master of life; everything was allowed, and everything belonged to you. Instead, you acted like a spoiled kid. You always wanted something, you always needed new attractions, new things, and simulations. You gave nothing to the world. Neither care, attention, nor warmth. Why? Because you didn’t give it to yourself.

You lived in a constant escape from yourself. Sometimes, you may have heard a gentle voice in your head trying to break through the excess of stimuli, but you ignored it or turned up the volume louder to drown it out. 

Then your body entered the action. It tried to tell you that it couldn’t go on anymore, that it couldn’t be done, but each time you silenced it with another dose of painkillers and forced it to effort, like some indestructible machine.

The Prison to Freedom

Finally, the world came to your rescue. And it quickly reminded you with a small virus that you are a fragile and transient being. You will not live forever, and health and life is the greatest gift that you should value much more than all the material goods that you have sought for. How did it happen that you went so far apart? You lost yourself in the material dimension of life completely ignoring its spiritual aspect. 

Now, sitting in the prison of your own apartment, paradoxically, you can finally feel really free. You don’t have to do anything. After all, you have time to make friends with yourself. Noticing yourself, your desires, needs, and thoughts. Learn to observe yourself and your thoughts. You no longer need to act automatically in the rush of daily activities. Stop for a moment.

You can finally see the beauty of your eyes from the crumbling veil of artificial eyelashes. You can say stop to your emotional, mental or physical addictions. You can finally take care of yourself. Smile to yourself. Listen to your own thoughts. Cook yourself something delicious and healthy. Listen to your body and give it as much sleep and relaxation as it needs. Love it and listen to its needs. Feel it and rediscover. Maybe it will even delight you?

Rediscover Yourself

Give yourself space and inner peace. Do not turn on loud music or the next series. Focus on yourself. Discover what you enjoy. Lie belly up, fantasise, meditate and dream. You can discover your talents and unleash your creativity. Find a passion. Indulge in authenticity and unscramble all the masks of your ego.

Spend time playing with children, talking to your partner. Find time for them and give them yourself. Stop telling them what to do. Accept them as they are. Be with them here and now and enjoy it.

You can afford all your imperfection because you were created that way. Accept yourself as a whole. Find beauty in your imperfections. Accept the fact that you also have faults or small quirks. Everyone has them.

Send your internal critic on a holiday. Start being aware of what you think about yourself. Stop comparing yourself with others and striving for an ideal that simply does not exist.

Know yourself. Be good to yourself, because the world will give you neither less nor more than you give yourself. Learn to listen to yourself because you are the best and irreplaceable advisor for yourself.

Hear your intuition.

Remember that you are responsible for your life. Don’t blame others for your failures. Do everything as you can. Release control and stop getting nervous about things you can’t control. Trust the universe. You are in the best hands. It’s enough.

You can go on the most beautiful journey of your life without moving from your couch. A journey inside yourself. Dive into the vastness of the ocean’s interior. You can touch your soul and discover the most beautiful wonder of this world – yourself. Discover the most unique and perfect thing in the world. Just be yourself.

Learn to listen to yourself and love. Enjoy this experience. And then move into the world and spread this love with everyone around. Be more effective and stronger than any virus there is.

This time is the best gift you could ever get from your life. Take advantage of it! Unlock yourself for self-love and share the love with others.

Agata Dzierzawa

Agata is the creator of a blog about spirituality for women A Journey to Yourself 

An old soul always trusting her intuition, she inspires others to find themselves.  

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook  

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  • Absolutely love this… I need my daughters to read and listen clearly to these words of wisdom 💗💗
    Thank you for sharing this amazing truth of life and loving one self…how we really can Do this

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