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Ten Signs of Spiritual Awakening


spiritual awakeningWe have entered an era where more and more people are becoming spiritually aware. Waking up to the fact that happiness is not something external, many people are shifting their attention to their inner self. Research has found that countries, such as the US and UK, are seeing a rise in the number of people turning to spirituality instead of religion, and this surge is showing no signs of slowing down. 

Spiritual awakening can be experienced by anyone – we are all spiritual beings, even if we don’t know it, and spiritual awakening merely connects us with a part of ourselves that was previously asleep, which is why it is also known as waking up. 

You may be wondering if the changes you are seeing in your life are in fact due to spiritual awakening – here are ten signs that will help answer that question. 

1) New Identity

One of the earliest signs of spiritual awakening is wondering who you really are and feeling like you are no longer the person you used to be. You begin to question everything you have believed for so long, realising that most of it no longer makes sense to you. While this can be startling, fear not because it simply means that you are growing closer to your true self. 

You have awoken to the fact that society has defined you for too long and you no longer wish to be part of something that doesn’t sit well with you. This new phase can bring feelings of unease as you become aware of the false reality you have been living but you also feel content in the knowing that you have finally woken up. 

2) Disconnected to Those Around You

The people you were once so close with are beginning to feel like strangers; you struggle to find any middle ground with them and your differences are more apparent than ever. Being around these people drains your energy and you find it hard to spend too much time with them. 

While this process can feel lonely, or as though there is no one on your wavelength, you will begin to surround yourself with new people who share the same beliefs and interests as you, and this brings you much contentment. It is also possible during this stage to feel guilty by your lack of engagement with the people you are now disconnected with but, regardless, you feel a greater need to separate yourself from them. 

3) Your Ego is Eroding

One of the most magical things about spiritual awakening is the loss of the ego; you might have become aware of just how strongly you were once ruled by your ego and this may now be changing. Negative emotions, such as jealousy and self-righteousness, are no longer part of your makeup. You used to care about what others thought of you but this has subsided and you now only pay your attention to what really matters. 

Your new loss of interest in the ego allows you to connect with your inner self without the shield that once stood in the way. 

4) More Connected to the World

Spiritual awakening is always coupled with a deeper need to connect with the world; you have found that nature and animals now offer you more peace than can be found anywhere else, for example, you receive great enjoyment from simply walking through a park, or watching the ocean. 

With this change, you also feel a greater responsibility to care for the environment and animals in need. The injustice that goes on in the world fills you with deep sadness and you are eager to make a difference, in doing so you experience much pleasure. 

5) Guided by your Intuition

You have come to realise that there is a force far greater than yourself guiding you through life and you begin to listen to it. Growing ever trustworthy of your intuition, you feel comforted by the fact that you are only ever guided in the right direction. 

As you become more spiritually aware, you will find yourself listening to your intuition more and more. The tip is to have faith and don’t confuse your intuition with the ego

6) Health-Conscious

It is quite alarming when you realise the damage you have been doing to your body for so long, and you have a new willingness to treat your body well. You have begun to explore alternative health and are educating yourself on nutrition, along with various exercises that are good for the mind, body and soul. 

7) Change in your Thoughts

In becoming more health-conscious, you now also understand the damage you have been doing to yourself for so long through negative thinking. It is this realisation that brings you to change the way you think; swapping thoughts of worry and self-criticism for thoughts of love and positive emotion. You also experience firsthand how your thoughts become your reality, and you become a spectator of your thoughts. Read “Your Thoughts are Causing you Trauma Every Single Day“, to understand the true impact of negative thinking. 

It is during this stage that you learn about the benefits of not thinking at all, and you find ways to experience complete stillness in the mind, through techniques such as meditation and staying present in the moment. 

8) No Longer Judgemental 

You seek to see the best in everything and everyone and have lost the need to be opinionated. Instead of feeling negative emotion towards other people, you instead feel empathy and compassion, as you have learned that other people’s negative behaviour is only a reflection of the difficult times they are experiencing, and not a reflection of you. 

In addition, forgiveness has become a great release for you, and you have come to understand that holding onto negative emotion only impacts you. 

9) Loss of Interest in Possessions

You are no longer excited by, nor are you motivated by, material possessions. You now know that happiness cannot be bought and it is this very notion that makes you feel grounded. 

This has also taught you that having less is more fulfilling and the more you have, the more you feel weighed down. Spring cleans are not only an occurrence at spring time anymore; you often feel the need to de-clutter your home to make room for more positive energy. 

10) Inner Peace

Once a restless being, you have come to understand that inner peace gives you the biggest satisfaction in life, and seeking and maintaining it has become your biggest focus. You are disinterested in anything that could disrupt your peace, such as drama and conflict, and you avoid any situation where issues might arise. You no longer falsely look outside to achieve happiness because you know very well that finding peace within reflects happiness outside.

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  • I find it helpful that you said that a spiritually awake person will feel that society has defined them for too long and they don’t want to be part of something that they don’t want to be in. Reading about this made me consider to get a book on how to unlock my spiritual self tomorrow. Doing this will help me find my own personality and self back so that I can face my duties to my family and job well.

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