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Ten Affirmations For Building Your Own Worth and Improving Your Self-Image


Here are ten affirmations for building your own worth and improving your self-image.

1. “What others think of me matters little, what I feel about myself is enough.”

2. “I AM worthy of receiving my own love, and I offer it to myself in abundance.”

3. “I AM beautiful on the inside and out, and this is how I view myself.”

4. “I AM accepting of who I am in this present moment.”

5. “I deserve happiness in every form.”

6. “I look to myself for reassurance, I AM able to rely on myself for all of my needs.”

7. “I know who I AM, and I AM comfortable being me.”

8. “I AM unique in my own right – there is no other person exactly the same as me on this planet, and I celebrate this.”

9. “My self-talk is positive, uplifting and always makes me feel good.”

10. “I have the utmost respect for myself, and in turn, others respect me too.”

You might like to find out about the key ingredient when it comes to affirmations.

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  • Thank you for reminding me to be authentic. I always put other people first and my needs and happiness at the end I have started to put my needs first even if it hurts other’s and it’s a good feeling.

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