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Stop carrying the burden of others'


Are you someone who often carries the burden for other people?

What if we were to tell you that by simply changing your thoughts, this burden can disappear? It’s true. You see, worrying about somebody else’s actions is just an illusion. The only thing that you can ever achieve by doing this, is anxiety for yourself – it won’t change that person.

It can be incredibly hard when a person you love is in self-destruct mode. You feel helpless, you feel out of control and you feel as though there is a part of you that might eventually get through to that person.

If this resonates with you then there’s no doubt that you have been let down, time and time again. You want to trust the person and you believe in them but lo and behold, they disappoint you yet again.

It’s time you put an end to this and regained your life, without worrying about theirs. The way to do this is by changing your thoughts.

Accept what is.

You might be wondering how it could ever be possible to accept this person’s behaviour, and you might feel that by doing so you are agreeing with what they are doing. But the truth is that by accepting what is, you are freeing yourself from all of the troubles associated with their issues.

Change your thinking; believe that everyone has their own lives and you accept the way people choose to live theirs. It does not define you and cannot impact your life.

You are an individual; no-one has the ability to run your life, just like you do not hold the power to run theirs. Acknowledging this will give you the strength to accept what is.

We only ever live our life. No-one else’s, and it’s important that we remember this, as it will enable us to live a life full of self control, without carrying the burden of others.

A wonderful affirmation for anyone wanting to keep their life in tact, is: I am in control of my life at all times.


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