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Stop Being Paranoid and be Pronoid


Wikipedia Definition: having the sense that there is a conspiracy that exists to help the person

zEver heard of pronoia? Well if you haven’t till’ now, you’re about to be delighted – so do read on!

We’ve all experienced bouts of paranoia and the intensity varies person-by-person but some common cases may be: feeling like something bad is coming into your life, believing that people don’t hold you in high regard and viewing yourself in a negative light. The true impact that paranoia can have on your life is tremendous; it can turn you into a cowering mess but, rest assured, there is another option. 

Pronoia means you always believe something good is going to happen to you.

The truth is that both paranoia and pronoia work – if we feel that something good is coming into our lives, we will make it happen and, likewise, if we believe something bad is on its way we will focus our energy on making it happen – but people still choose the latter time and time again. 

We’ve put together some tips that will help turn you from a paranoid person into a pronoid person. Use these three key steps, to bring many positive experiences into your life:

1. Don’t Take Offence

We have spoken about this subject quite a lot, the reason being that it’s so important. If you take offence every time someone says something you don’t agree with, it will never end – you will spend countless days of your life being hung up about things that, in hindsight, are really insignificant. 

Taking offence to things that people say and do will leave you feeling paranoid and you’ll experience a lot of negativity in the long run. If, on the other hand, you let things go over your head and refuse to mull over someone else’s actions or words, you won’t carry that burden and, instead, you will be free from the awful feeling of paranoia.

2. Stop Taking Part in Negative Conversations

Do you watch the news, do you gossip about people’s downfalls and do you take part in conversations that paint others in a bad light? These are all big no no’s and will only create paranoia in your life. After all, if someone is talking badly to you about someone else, it’s likely they are speaking badly about you too. If you immerse yourself in negativity, you are putting yourself in the firing line for negative stuff to come your way. Ultimately, we get back what we give out. 

Turn that negative talk into positive, and choose to spend your time speaking kind and loving words and showing acts of kindness. You’ll be rewarded with kind and loving experiences in response.

3. Always Believe That Something Magnificent is About to Happen

The art of being a pronoid person is always believing something wonderful is about to happen and, lo and behold, it will. When you want something so badly that you live, breathe and dream it, the universe will assist you in getting it. This is true for anything, whether good or bad, so be careful – you don’t want to attract negative experiences

Focus all of your energy on having a positive attitude and incorporate this into all areas of your life. The result? You’ll become a pronoid person!

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