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Start your week on a high


While Monday is least favored by many, it’s our favorite day here at SA. It’s a prime day to determine how your week pans out, whether good or bad. So, with that said, let us help you get your week off to a good start!


Set goals

Write down a list of goals you’d like to achieve this week. It can be anything, from mowing the lawn through to getting a new job. It could even mean repairing a broken relationship, or letting go of negative feeling. Once you have made your list, make this your focus for the week, ensuring you fulfill goals at every given opportunity.

Forget last week’s woes

What good is it going to do, bringing last week’s troubles through to this week? Let’s be honest, it’s just going to cause more anguish. Let bygones be bygones and move on. We’ve entered a fresh week – keep it new!

Concentrate on the positives in your life

Some people spend Mondays mulling over their troubles and that’s why many encounter the dreaded ‘Monday blues’. Why don’t you write another list, one that emphasizes all of the things you have to be positive about? Include anything and everything that makes you feel good; this could be friends, family members, work prospects, up-coming occasions, and appreciation for the work you are doing on yourself. This will help exemplify what you have to feel grateful for.

Spend your time wisely

It’s easy on a Monday to feel demotivated; the aftermath of last week can leave you feeling tired out and this could lead you to being lazy, or not getting things done. So, if you have gotten your week off to a lazy start, get up, right now and start spending your time wisely. Choosing to get as much done as possible will set the tone for your entire week.

Have a wonderful week, and check back daily for affirmations and articles that are specifically designed to improve your life!


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