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Stand Alone And Show The Rest of The World How It's Done


There may be moments in your life where it will feel like you are alone. On a journey that no one else understands. A path that others don’t agree with. A trip that others don’t often take.

But just because you’re going off the beaten track, it doesn’t mean you are going in the wrong direction. It just means that others before you haven’t been brave enough, or had enough determination to go that route.

And what’s really beautiful, is that you get a chance to stand alone and show everyone how it’s done.

Realise How Powerful You Are

Whatever it is that you want to do… No matter how out-of-the-ordinary… Even if it hasn’t been done before… You can do it!

Many people tend to believe there is power in numbers but not always. Anything new and remarkable, every invention that has ever been made, every groundbreaking idea, was started by one person, or a very small group of people.

The creation of anything requires only one mind. Only one person’s faith and determination. Only one person’s bravery.  And that can be you. You can be the one who makes a different kind of change in the world. A lasting impact.

You can single-handedly achieve anything. You have it in you; you just have to believe in yourself and believe in what you know.

Your mind is the only thing that can stop you, so it’s important that you create a robust mindset – one that cannot be shaken, no matter what comes your way. And use your thoughts to empower you, not crush you; pump your mind with all the encouragement you need.

When you empower yourself, you make yourself powerful.

Don’t Listen to The NaySayers

Don’t be afraid to stand alone. If what you are planning on doing is easy, everybody would be doing it, and it wouldn’t be so extraordinary. There will be times you’ll need to be exceptionally brave and fearless.

There will be times where you’ll have to stand tall in the face of naysayers. And they will come – they will disrupt you, they will attempt to divert you, they will most certainly test you and, at times, they will sow seeds of doubt in your mind.

This is all down to the fact that people are frightened of what they don’t understand. If you’re doing something different, you will be faced with disbelievers and people who are wary and insecure about what you are doing.

When you feel doubt rising within you because of something someone said, remember why you are doing it. Don’t let it bother you; feel sorry for them that they don’t have the capacity in their mind to achieve the unexpected. Remember how powerful you are – and remember that you are brave for going against the grain.

Also, don’t spend time trying to get others to come round to your way. It’s a waste of energy and you will be met with resistance. Instead, show them. Demonstrate how it’s done. That’s when they’ll believe you, and by then, their acceptance won’t be needed.

Faith Will Get You Through

Lastly, and most importantly, hold onto faith like a precious piece of treasure. Don’t dare let it slip through your fingers because when everything else has fled – your hope, strength and courage – faith will help you get it all back.

Faith is your safety net that will stop you from falling. Even if you allow doubt to momentarily seep through and get in your head, faith will help you regain confidence. Even if logic tells you that you won’t get through it, faith will allow you to override the logic.

No matter what happens, if you’ve got faith, you’ll make it happen because faith is filled with trust. It’s a knowing. It’s certainty. All the time you have faith in your heart, nothing can stop you from getting where you need to go; even if you take a few steps back.

Let faith carry you through your darkest moments and lead you back into the light. And when you’ve reverted back to your position of strength, thank yourself for your bravery, thank yourself for your strength and feel grateful that you have the courage to try something different.

Get out there and do whatever it is you want to achieve. We believe in you – now it’s over to you!

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