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Signs your Positive Thinking is Paying Off


Ok, you’ve started your positive journey, you’re making a conscious decision to think good thoughts and you are becoming more self-aware – the big question on your mind is: when will I feel the benefits?

We suggest extreme patience when it comes to your positive journey; it takes time to shift the negative thoughts you have encountered throughout your entire life but you will experience a period of healing in doing so. If you stay dedicated to creating a new and wonderful life for yourself, that’s exactly what you will get.

It’s totally natural to think, “When will my positive thinking pay off?” Here are some signs that it has already started:

More Self-Respect

Your journey to healing will ultimately lead to you having increased self-respect, this is because you’ll be more in-tune with yourself and what makes you happy.

If you’re suddenly feeling unhappy with the way things are and feel you are worth more than what you’re accepting – this a telling sign that you’re on the road to a better life. Many unhappy people lack boundaries, self-worth and put up with relationships that make them unhappy. 

If you have noticed that you are building better boundaries for yourself and you no longer participate in doing things that aren’t good for you, it may just be that things have started changing for you.

Bad Things keep Happening

Sounds contradictory but when your positive journey commences you might notice that bad things keep happening. You will be tested on endurance, and it’s really crucial that you use these moments to put into practice the positive thinking that you have learnt. 

What you’ll probably find is that you handle situations much better than before, and you’ll bounce back quicker. It will be a powerful moment when you realise that you are able to deal with any complexities that life may bring. 

You want Change

Are you opening your eyes to all of the things in your life that need to change (are you looking at your life through a new lens)? Perhaps you’ve even started to implement change…

It’s a sure sign that your positive thinking is paying off, if your perspective is clearer and you feel motivated to make better choices. In this article we look at ‘How Positive Thinking can Change your Life’

You’ve Become Kinder

Have you found lately that people seem to gravitate towards you with their problems? 

When you become a positive, more secure person, you will radiate kindness; telling others that you enjoy helping them. The healing process will lead you to being more compassionate and you’ll find great comfort in showing kindness.

Honesty is your new Middle Name

Ever seen the Jim Carrey movie Liar Liar? Carrey plays a man who is unable to lie about anything. Have you found that this is happening to you these days, and are you always opting for honestly, instead of telling fibs?

Honesty is always the best policy, no matter what the situation and this is something you’ll begin to realise when you instil positivity into your life. It is much better for your well-being if you are true to yourself and always aim to be honest. We explore this topic in ‘Learn how to say No’.

You Love Life

There’s no doubt that everyone wants their life to feel fun, good and rewarding.The ultimate aim of positive thinking is to enjoy life. It’s that simple. 

Have you spotted a big difference in the way you view life? Does it now seem beautiful and exciting? If so, this is probably the biggest indicator that you are feeling the benefits of positive thinking. Well done, your hard work is paying off!

If you feel like you are not experiencing these signs yet, even though you are making an effort to be positive, check out this article: ‘Be Patient, your life will Improve’. 

We hope these signs have shown that you are seeing change in your life as a result of swapping negative thoughts for positive. Do any of them ring true with you? Comment in the box below. 


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