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Shift your Focus off Money and onto Prosperity


Money is something that many people think leads to happiness. That’s not the case, however, and this belief is the reason for a lot of negativity in the world; money creates greed, which creates harm and unjust.

Money Doesn’t Equal Wealth

To see wealth as money is a materialistic view, and not a healthy one. There are plenty of things that come higher on the list of wealth than money. If you care so much about material items and social status, you are completely missing out on all of the real treats that life has to offer; such as love, kindness, gratitude and self-growth. These are what create true happiness.

More, More, More

The problem with money is its relation to greed, we call it the ‘more more more’ mindset. Wanting more can only mean one thing – you are not satisfied with what you already have. As we have explained in ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, you have to believe that you already have everything you could possibly need in order to receive more. Like attracts like and if you tell the universe you are happy with what you have, you’ll have more to feel happy about.

You Deserve It

If you are not currently experiencing prosperity, it could be due to your beliefs about yourself. If you don’t have much self-worth, you are preventing good things from happening in your life. You deserve to live a life full of prosperity, just like every other single person on this earth and it’s time you started to realize it.

Prosperity Prospers

It’s ok to want prosperity and we fully promote this. Prosperity certainly includes wealth but it goes a lot further than that; encompassing love, happiness and health. To attract abundance you must change the way you think. Drop the negative thoughts that focus on how little you have, and shift your attention to good thoughts that promote prosperity.

It’s also very beneficial to reduce the excess in your life, the surplus of material items, that is. When you are stripped back from material objects, your life has more meaning and you are not overly focused on the things that don’t matter. Giving the items you don’t need to charity is beautiful way to give back, which brings us onto…

Give Back

To receive prosperity, it’s important that you are willing to give. Instead of asking: “What can I have?”, ask, “How can I help you?” Being kind, and giving back, is a key part of your journey of growth. When an opportunity arises to help someone in need, grab it with both hands; help that person. When you do this, you are contributing to the kindness chain and at some point you will receive kindness in return. 

Drop the Ego

As explained here, the ego causes immense worry, disappointment and lack of self-love. It tells you what you have isn’t good enough and that you aren’t good enough; you must look better, act better and do better in your career. But what it doesn’t tell you is that you are already perfect and you already have everything that you could possibly need, you just don’t know it yet. When you lose the ego, you will find that happiness, love and success, flow naturally into your life.

What does prosperity mean to you? Comment in the box below. 


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