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Seven Signs You've met your Soulmate


Meeting your soulmate is one of life’s true treasures, there is no feeling quite like it. A soulmate is someone you can have a deep connection with; soulmates can communicate without words and once two souls join, they rarely part. 

There can often be confusion between a soulmate and romantic partner, so we’ve put together signs that will help indicate if you have met your soulmate. 

Here are seven signs you’ve met your soulmate.

1. They Enter Your Life In Perfect Timing

Your soulmate will enter your life at just the right moment; it is likely that you will be experiencing huge life changes and their presence brings you great calmness and peace. 

It is also probable that you crossed paths with your soulmate before you became a couple, you might have lived in the same neighbourhood, or known mutual people but for some reason or another, it just wasn’t the right time. Soulmates always enter one another’s lives at the perfect time. 

2. Immediate Connection

Soulmates usually experience an immediate connection; you will feel like you have known them a lifetime. Just looking into their eyes feels familiar and you immediately feel at home with them.

Although soulmates have an immediate connection, that’s not to say there is an instant attraction. Sometimes when soulmates meet there is no physical attraction at all but there is a force that pushes them towards one another. Even if the early attraction is slight and your soulmate doesn’t match your ‘usual type’, you will just know that this is the person you are supposed to be with – it will feel right. 

3. Unspoken Understanding

A soulmate bond is one like no other; one where understanding is at its highest peak. 

Soulmates can often communicate without speaking; knowing how the other is feeling without having to say a single word. Spending time with your soulmate never gets tiring; you can sit together for hours on end, talking about your deepest thoughts and feelings, and discussing theirs. 

4. Deeper Connection

Soulmates often go through many similar experiences before meeting and this makes them even closer. There is no-one on this planet that knows you better than your soulmate. You find that you are able to open up about your innermost secrets, without shame or fear.  Along with every detail about your past, they know what makes you happy, what makes you sad and what makes you tick. You even share a secret humour that no-one else understands, and nobody makes you laugh like they do. 

5. You Bring Out the Best In Each Other

Your soulmate always wants the best for you – they see potential in you that you haven’t even seen in yourself, and they push you beyond your comfort zone. This is a perfect love match and you proactively work together to improve one another’s lives; they inspire you to do better and you have the same impact on them. 

You also share the same views on life and want to get to the same place, even if you have different ways of getting there. 

6. Your Life Is Unimaginable Without Them

Your life is simply unimaginable without your soulmate; being in their company is like something you have never experienced before and the thought of being without them is painful. There is nothing that could break the bond between soulmates; you accept each other’s flaws and imperfections, even learning to love them. 

7. You Just Know

Beyond everything else, you will know if they are your soulmate. Your intuition never lies; simply look within and you’ll be given the answers.

Have you met your soulmate yet? How many of these signs reflect your relationship? Comment in the box below.

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  • All of them. We live at different ends of the country when we are together it’s magical but when I have to leave for home it kills me.

  • My soulmate is on the other end of the world. The feeling of finally meeting your soulmate is like anything I’ve ever felt before.

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