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Restoring Faith in Humanity when There isn't much Around



The humanitarian response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake is nothing short of breathtaking; countries far and wide, even those with their own struggles, rushed to Haiti’s aid. More than $10 billion was raised and medical staff were sent, along with supplies and rescue workers. The world and his wife came together to help a nation that had suffered so greatly. Faith was restored in humanity and, although tragedy had struck, love was felt everywhere. 

But – and here’s the big but, what happens when the cause of the disaster is another human being? Or several, in this case? The recent attacks in Paris and Lebanon are a good indication. 

It seems that when catastrophe strikes as a result of humans, as apposed to natural causes, people turn on each other. Instead of pulling together, the world falls apart. Fingers start pointing, blame gets bandied about and hate runs rife. It’s a hard pill to swallow knowing that another human being is responsible for carrying out such evil attacks – it’s murder on a huge scale and it’s certainly inhumane. But hatred, anger and prejudice aren’t helping… 

It’s important to realize that the people carrying out these brutal attacks are not part of any religion, organization or nation, apart from the one created by themselves. They have chosen, through their acts of hatred, to segregate themselves from society and behave in a manner that isn’t acceptable to anyone other than themselves. If we generalize and place innocent people into the same category as them, we only make the group more powerful.

‘The world’ isn’t a bad place. There are bad people, which is certainly apparent right now. But there are also many, many good people. As long as there is love in the world, humanity will be restored. 

Soul Analyse doesn’t have the answers to the world’s problems but what we do know, is if we stand together, united as a world and we refuse to allow these tragic events to take away our faith in humanity, there is hope. 

We are deeply saddened by the attacks in Paris and Lebanon this week. It’s heartbreaking that lives were lost in such horrific circumstances. They are both equally tragic and we send our sincere condolences to everyone in France and Lebanon. 

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