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Q&A: How can I Move Forward After Loss?


WEEKLY Q&AQ: Dear Soul Analyse,

I lost my dad a year ago and it still feels as raw as yesterday.

I have moved on in some ways, like I am getting on with life, going to work, seeing friends etc but somewhere inside I feel crushed.

It’s hard for me to accept that he’s gone because there was so much I still had to say to him, and we had so many exciting ideas that will always be just ideas. There’s a blank space in my life because I’m missing someone who loved me more than anyone else ever has.

I’m suffocated by sadness and wonder if I’ll ever fully recover. Do you have any suggestions for moving on after loss?

A: Dear Reader,

I am so sorry for the loss of your dad – losing someone is a tremendously painful experience and my deepest heartfelt condolences go out to you.

When it comes to moving forward, there’s no right or wrong amount of time; everyone copes differently with loss, it’s a life-shaking experience, so don’t be too hard on yourself. The important thing right now is to give yourself time and space, which includes space from your thoughts. I find living in the moment to be a great way to give my mind rest. When we bring our attention to the here and now, instead of the past or future, our thoughts subside and the moment we are in becomes clearer – here are some tips that might help.

The absence of a person can’t alter the impact that they have on our heart and soul, we will always love and cherish them as much as we did when they were alive – and in a sense, this keeps them close with us.

A loved one can continue to impact our lives long after they are gone. I recently wrote a post where I talked about how our toughest moments are often laced with powerful messages. Loss taught me how to appreciate and love the people around me; and for that I have my dad to thank. 

I hope it helps to know that the memories you hold of your dad will always remain real and he’ll always be a part of you.

If any other readers would like to ask a question click here for details.

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