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Q&A: How can I Create Quiet in my Busy Life?


WEEKLY Q&AQ: Dear Soul Analyse,

I live in a busy city and work a 50-hour week. I also have a hectic social life and spend my free time catching up with friends and family.

You could say my life is somewhat manic!

I’ve had a bit of an interest in mindfulness lately, I’m really liking the sound of creating some peace in my life. 

But how do I create calmness when my life is so busy?



A: Dear Emily,

Thank you for your question.

Mindfulness is more a way of life rather than a task that needs completing, and you don’t necessarily need to dedicate slots of time to it. You can incorporate mindfulness into your daily life without having to change your schedule at all. 

Mindfulness happens within; instead of focusing on making your outer life more peaceful, perhaps start within. When you create inner peace, your life on the exterior world will also become peaceful. You can read more about this here.

There are of course mindfulness practices, such as meditation, which can be great for clearing the mind, and don’t require much time; meditating for just five minutes each day can have a huge impact on your general wellbeing. Emily, it might also help to create a peaceful area in your home, which would give you a quiet space to feel content and practise mindfulness. 

If any other readers would like to ask a question click here for details.



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