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Powerful Self-Improvement Techniques You Can Try Right Now



If you are not happy with how things are in your life right now, then it is inevitable that change needs to take place, and fortunately for you and me, there has never been a better time to be engaged in self-improvement. 

The core purpose of personal development – in whichever form – is to recondition the mind. For it is the mind that influences how we feel and whether we are happy, unhappy, motivated, de-motivated, confident or shy, etc.

Indeed the mind holds a lot of power; therefore transforming the way in which we think takes time, commitment and some decent techniques but with the overflow of resources available it can be difficult to know where to start, so we’ve narrowed down a list of 11 top self-improvement tools that we find most effective, all of which are free of charge and can be tried instantly.

Grab a soothing drink, take a seat and get ready to learn about some of the best ways to transform your life.

  1. Change the Way You View Yourself

Affirmations are perhaps the most effective self-improvement tool. If you’re not up to speed on what they are, check out this post, but to put it briefly, affirmations are short, powerful sentences aimed to change our mental attitude and the way we view ourselves.

When they are said with repetition and an air of certainty, affirmations recondition the conscious and sub-conscious mind, which is why it is advisable that you set reminders to prompt you to say your affirmations regularly.

You could, for example, write your affirmations on post-it notes and place them in prominent places around your home, car or workplace.

  1. Positive Quotes

Quotes are not only a beautiful combination of words, they also carry a lot of meaning; a good quote will stop you in your tracks, cause you to evaluate a certain situation and result in positive action.

There are plenty of websites on the internet that are dedicated to providing quotes on almost any topic and for a variety of purposes, such as motivation, reflection and guidance, and can be helpful during the most difficult times. Social media sites are also brilliant for sourcing quotes – try searching for relevant hashtags and you’ll be able to discover limitless positive quotes that offer inspiration.

  1. Journaling

Journaling is a timeless self-awareness tool that can help you learn more about yourself and your desires, and gain clarity by exploring your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Now one of the more popular personal growth tools, journaling can be practised as frequently or seldom as you like. Personally, I like to write in my journal regularly as it creates a feeling that I have off-loaded any problems onto the page and away from my mind – helping me to feel clear again.

  1. Meditate – Anywhere and Everywhere

Meditation can be used to reduce stress, improve concentration and increase self-awareness – and is great for replenishing the mind, body and soul.

There’s a big misconception surrounding meditation; many people seem to believe that it must be carried out while sitting in lotus position with two fingers touching on each hand, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Meditation techniques can be carried out pretty much anywhere, find out how-to use meditation to create a sense of peace and harmony in your life.

  1. Read a Life-Changing Book

The age-old practice of reading is still one of the finest forms of self-education. There are many places to access books – the local library, book stores, friends, family and even the web; eBooks are everywhere on the internet nowadays and there are many authors offering eBooks for free that can be read via your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Soul Analyse, for example, has created a free e-book for readers – it’s very short, albeit powerful, and contains 28 affirmations that will help you feel more self love.

  1. Forgive 

The past is a burden that will weigh heavily on your shoulders unless you choose to forgive. Clinging onto something that someone said or did to upset you can only create further negativity; feelings of bitterness and resentment are all-consuming, highly damaging and can only cause misery.

Forgiveness is a route to freedom, and I’d advise everyone to take it. Thankfully we can forgive anyone who has hurt us, no matter how badly we suffered, and it will help us to heal. Find out how to forgive by reading this post.

  1. Zone into the Now

There is no moment more satisfying and authentic than the present moment.

When we are engrossed in thoughts of a fearful and worrying nature they are usually related to the past or future, and are rarely as realistic as they may seem. Living in the here and now, on the other hand, is rewarding as it allows us to fully engage in whatever is happening right now and stops us from becoming distracted by troublesome thoughts.

People who live in the moment are reportedly happier and get better enjoyment out of life. Read this post to find out how you can live in the present moment. 

  1. Be Grateful

Life is so much more rewarding when we feel thankful for everything in it. It’s easy to find gratitude in any situation, and it’s something we discuss often on the blog because gratitude alone has the power to make us feel extremely satisfied – and isn’t that what we are all aiming for, satisfaction?

When we are grateful, our lives are enriched and we gain a greater sense of happiness. One of our guest contributors Stacie Chevrier wrote an incredibly honest and inspiring post about why gratitude is so important to her and how it has helped shape her life for the better. Read it here.

  1. Incorporate Ancient Philosophy into Modern Life

Although it is desirable to leave the past behind, we can always take advantage of ancient wisdom and use it to positively influence our lives today. Buddhism, for example, teaches us to live in the moment, forgive and find solace in nature. Then there’s Taoism, which is a way of life that guides to be flexible and flow with life naturally, rather than resist it – both are equally rewarding and interesting to learn about.

There are of course many other ancient philosophies, so do find our what is out there but the beautiful teachings of Taoism and the purity of Buddhism are great places to start.

  1. Go to Sleep Tonight Listening to a Positive Video Tape

What we think about as we fall asleep at night can cause great discomfort or comfort to our everyday lives. Going to sleep in a positive mood will help you get a good night’s sleep and wake feeling replenished, whereas negative thoughts before bed might cause you to have a bad night’s sleep and wake up feeling groggy and run-down.

It has been said that we learn more while we sleep, which is why I advise that you go to sleep tonight listening to a positive video tape as you drift off. A quick search on YouTube will bring up many different videos – Jason Stephenson is our go-to sleep meditation guy and he shared one of his popular videos with Soul Analyse readers earlier this year; listen to it here.

  1. Learn How-To Care for Your Temple

We’re all guilty of over-indulging sometimes and even if we do consciously try to eat healthy, there are always more ways we can help ourselves when it comes to nutrition. What we eat defies how we feel, our mood, state of mind and even how we perform mentally and physically.

You can learn more about nutrition through books, films and articles on the web and become enlightened on the multitude of ways to care for your body and your health.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, for example, is a brilliant documentary movie that highlights the benefits of juicing; it has become a very popular movie and I can personally vouch for it as I know several people whose lives have improved directly as a result of watching the film, including mine!

Which self-improvement tools will you try?

Share your thoughts below!

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  • It sure got me interested when you mentioned that reading a life-changing book could help you improve spiritual and emotional growth because it shares knowledge and lessons that you can apply in your life. I’m planning on buying a book for spiritual self-help to improve on my life and my spirituality. This is to make sure that I’ll be able to have continuous development and self-discovery in my life.

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