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The Power of Gratitude


Do you choose to think in a way that enriches your life and encourages positivity? Or do you choose to think thoughts that starve you of happiness? The answer lies in whether you are grateful.

Ungratefulness is a gateway to unhappiness; you can never be satisfied if you don’t appreciate what you already have. Thankfulness on the other hand, is the polar opposite – here’s why.

Showing Gratitude to the People in Your Life

Many relationships suffer for the sheer reason that they lack gratitude; a relationship without appreciation is one that breeds hate and conflict.

How many times have you felt that someone didn’t serve you as well as you expected them to? This kind of mindset not only places your satisfaction in the hands of others; it also starves you of happiness.

The more you look at what people “should” do for you, instead of acknowledging how much they already do for you, the less-satisfied with them you become.

When we feel genuinely thankful for the things others do for us, it changes the whole dimensions of our relationships, and forms the basis for very fruitful and healthy connections.

How often do you demonstrate your gratefulness to others? Do your friends, family and co-workers, really know how much you appreciate them? If you take into account how much they do for you, in terms of showing kindness and support, you might find many reasons to be grateful.

When you reach a point where you appreciate everyone in your life, you will feel uplifted and fulfilled.

Those two Little Words That Mean so Much

The words ‘thank you’ have tremendous power to shape your entire life. 

Attract Abundance Into Your Life explains that the universe is like a mirror; whatever you show it, will be reflected back into your life. When you show gratitude, you are telling the universe that you appreciate what you already have, and in exchange you will be given more to feel grateful about.

Appreciation also helps us to connect deeper with the present moment because our minds become content, rather than swamped with negative thoughts, and in turn this allows us to cherish each moment. 

What are you Grateful For? 

Along with the people in our lives, there are many things we can say thank you for, but it is only when we take time to reflect on the positive things in our lives that they are noticed.

Gratitude really has nothing to do with how much you have, or monetary value. You can be grateful for the smallest and greatest of things, such as simple and kind gestures, and nature. Simply being alive is a huge reason to be thankful. 

To help you become more appreciative of all the things in your life, we suggest keeping a gratitude journal, which you write in every evening to list all of the reasons you are grateful for that day.

Making it an everyday practice to be thankful will significantly improve your life. If we adopt this kind of attitude, and also begin each day by saying “thank you”, our lives are more enjoyable and deeply satisfying.

When you say thank you, you also need to feel it. We attract into our lives that which we think and feel, so if you are truly grateful, your reasons to feel grateful will inevitably increase.

You deserve to acknowledge your own efforts, and feel thankful to yourself too, and we talk more about this here

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