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Positive Thinking - Why The Hype?


Positive thinking is now ubiquitous among people from all walks of life – it seems that the whole world is welcoming the idea that by simply changing your thoughts, you can change your life.

Have you been wondering what all the hype is about? Have you wondered if positive thinking really lives up to its expectations? I’d like to answer those questions for you…

What’s All The Fuss About?

The mind is a very, very powerful tool; it’s so strong that it can create anxiety, illness and negative life experiences. It’s also so strong that it can create good health, wellness and positive life experiences. All of these things are determined by the way in which we use the mind.

When you understand that the mind can play a positive role in your life, it’s exciting – coming to the realisation that you can shape the exterior of your life via your thoughts, is empowering, so it’s no surprise that people are beginning to understand the value of positive thinking; it works!

When you become aware of how your thoughts and actions determine the outcome of your entire life, it’s quite astonishing; you have full control over how your life plays out. 

How Can Positive Thinking Change Your Life?

One of the most exciting aspects of positive thinking is that you will be able to go beyond the limitations that you have set for yourself. We all have an idea somewhere in our mind about how much we believe we are capable of getting out of life; positive thinking lets you expand that idea.

By stretching your mental limits, you can attain anything you want; improved health, happy relationships, success – whatever you set your mind to.

The first step you’ll need to make is changing your thoughts. It’s possible that you are currently encountering many negative thoughts, which will, undoubtedly, be impacting your life. 

In order to change your thoughts, you must become aware of what you are thinking, so you can swap negative thoughts for thoughts of a positive nature. This article explains how you can become a spectator of your thoughts.

Visualisation is also a key strand in using your mind to change your life. Visualisation means seeing the outcome before it has happened; picturing your life exactly the way you would like it to be. To learn more about visualisation and the Law of Attraction, check out our Beginner’s Guide to the Law of Attraction

Start Believing in Yourself

A lack of self-belief is the cause of everything you don’t want – low confidence, poor boundaries, little hope.

Our self-beliefs are formed by how much we value our own worth, so to improve your beliefs, you must first begin to appreciate your own worth. 

If you regularly put yourself down, or fail to believe in your own ability, you are preventing yourself from growing. But if you feed your mind with loving, gentle and motivating thoughts and ideas, you will notice your self-beliefs begin to grow, along with everything else in your life.

Through the use of affirmations you can retrain your beliefs and learn to really love yourself. An affirmation is a thought or idea that we regularly encounter; we all use them but not always in a positive way. If, for example, you regularly put yourself down, you are using negative affirmations, which will correlate directly with your beliefs.

Positive affirmations can be purposefully used to increase self-worth and alter beliefs. If you’d like to learn about the benefits and process of using affirmations, you can try our One-Month Affirmation Challenge

Is Positive Thinking For You?

We all started our lives with the right mindset, and it’s only through learned behaviour that we gained negative thoughts and beliefs – the trick is to revert back to the mindset you started out with; the limitless, eager and curious mindset that you began your life with.

If positive thinking is new for you, and you are serious about using it to change your life, you are about to experience first-hand why there is such a big hype.

Realise that being positive – in your thoughts, words and actions, is a choice – the choice is yours to make! 

Stephanie Dunleavy
Co-founder of Soul Analyse

Stephanie is a professional writer, blogger and the co-founder of Soul Analyse.

While she always tries to live in the moment, she feels it's equally important to look back at past experiences with open eyes to connect the missing dots and work out what we can learn for the future. She uses writing as a way to share her story with others in the hope that her past experiences can help someone else moving forward. She's also keen to gain knowledge from others' experiences and believes we can learn a great deal from one another!

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