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Optimism Creates Opportunity - Five MotivatingTips


Why should your life be anything less than fulfilling? You weren’t put on this planet to endure pain and countless trying times. Soul Analyse’s five motivating tips teach you how to dream big and live an extremely gratifying life.

1. Change your Thoughts

If you are not happy with life right now then change is essential; your life can’t become more fulfilling without it!

It’s important to acknowledge that change starts from within, within the mind to be precise. Your thoughts shape your reality, so if your thoughts are very negative, it’s unrealistic to expect your life to be any different. When you change your thoughts, your life also changes.

Much of our thinking is uncontrolled. We don’t choose what to think, the thoughts choose us, and oftentimes our thoughts are not new. We tend to repeat the same thoughts for days, weeks, sometimes years, which can have either a positive or negative impact on our lives depending on the nature of our thoughts.

Begin to introduce positivity to the way you think. As explained in How to Use the Mind to Create the Life You Want, you can use your mind to transform your entire life – affirmations, positive thinking and aligning with your goals are powerful ideas to get you started.

2. Create Opportunities

Prosperity will be scarce if you don’t make it happen. It’s your responsibility to create opportunities in your life, and you have to start believing they are out there. Wherever it is in the world that you live and whatever your background, there are always opportunities available to you, and everyone else for that matter.

You simply have to show up; believe that the right opportunities will present themselves to you at exactly the right time, and they will. You have to be paying attention of course, to notice opportunities, so stay alert to any potential new and positive changes that come your way, and when you find them, ensure you do everything within your power to expand them and create further opportunities for growth.

Affirmations are also key for creating the right kind of opportunities because they can help transform any negative self-beliefs, which may be preventing you from growing. If you are new to affirmations, you might like to try the One Month Affirmation Challenge.

3. Follow your Instincts

Your instincts can lead you to many positive experiences, if you rely on them to do so. Ultimately, that’s their role, but all too often we are led by our thoughts and that which we have been conditioned to believe.

When it comes to following signs, intuition is our best friend; it always takes us in the right direction. Intuition comes from within; it has no logic and it is not something you decide but rather it is given to you, often with no explanation whatsoever. Intuition can hit you from nowhere, consider it a sudden emergence of knowledge, and it is then your choice whether to follow or ignore it.

Read this post for more on following your instincts.

4. Appreciate

Appreciate every moment you live; you are lucky to be alive and you can choose to make each moment a positive one. When you begin to appreciate life, you will see the true beauty in everything around you.

The universe, also, is very rewarding of appreciation – those who are grateful are given more to be grateful for. It’s that simple. The alternative is that you spend your life feeling victimised and as though life isn’t good enough for you, and that mindset will only bring unhappiness.

As explained in, The Power of Gratitude, ungratefulness is a gateway to unhappiness; you can never be satisfied if you don’t appreciate what you already have. Thankfulness, on the other hand, is the polar opposite.

5. Always Choose Kindness

Let kindness be the overriding factor in every situation that presents itself to you. Always be happy to help others and take the focus off yourself. Such selfless behaviour can only be impacted with positive results.

Like attracts like and if you’re kind, kindness will flow into your life too. Be kind with your words, be kind with your actions and be kind with your thoughts. If you have the choice to be ‘right’ or ‘kind’, choose kindness every time.

These are Soul Analyse’s tips for dreaming big and living a gratifying life, do you have any of your own to share?

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