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Mastering the Shift to Higher Consciousness


reaching higher consciousness

Soul Analyse explains the meaning behind higher consciousness, the benefits of attaining it and how you can awaken it within yourself. 

What is Higher Consciousness?

The term ‘higher consciousness’ has been used loosely over the last decade and now has several interpretations. For clarity, it has nothing to do with god, angels, or fairies. It simply means awakening and reaching a new sense of aliveness, which is why it’s called waking up.

The main difference between those who are fully conscious and those who are not, depends on their level of awareness. Someone who is in a full state of consciousness will be more in tune with the inner self; allowing their choices and actions to be guided by awareness and not their thoughts. Whereas if someone is awake but are engaged in thought, their consciousness is asleep. 

Here are some other differences:

Higher Consciousness


The Benefits of Higher Consciousness

Awakening your consciousness means putting your inner state first, before any outside situations, and always seeking peace.

If you are in a state of unconsciousness, it is easy to become upset and fearful with the world around you. Situations will arise, which will involve drama, anger and blame, and it’s likely that you’ll willingly participate in these events, without even knowing that you are the person causing suffering to yourself. A common trait among people at a low-level of consciousness, is refusing to take responsibility for their actions. They direct anger at other people who they believe are to blame for whatever negative situation has arisen. The ego plays a very large role in the state of unconsciousness. 

When you reach a high level of consciousness you will experience new depths of peace; outside situations no longer faze you, nor are you excited or stimulated by drama. The reason behind this, is that you already have everything you need and don’t feel as though anything is missing – it can only be compared to bliss. 

In addition, you will be free from mental slavery – thoughts no longer control you, which helps to eliminate the ego, self-criticism and all kinds of other emotions, such as jealousy, anger and rage. As a result, outside situations cannot force you to react because you simply don’t allow yourself to become invested in anything of a negative nature. 

How to Awaken your Higher Consciousness

To sustain a full state of consciousness requires pure vigilance and effort. Instead of being lost in thought, you will need to identify yourself as the awareness behind the thinking and keep a careful eye on any unnecessary thoughts that come into play.

Thoughts are very useful in some instances however, such as when you are at work and completing tasks – but this is only a tiny aspect of the consciousness that you are. See your thoughts as a serving tool; they serve you only when they are needed. Using your thoughts only when necessary will allow you to be fully present in the moment

Whenever you get upset, see it as an alarm clock, a reminder that you are not in a high state of consciousness. When this occurs, remember two things – to bring yourself into the present and stop engaging in unnecessary thought; in doing so, you regain consciousness. 

Everyone who has experienced a transformation of consciousness has spent a fair amount of time working on themselves; it is a gradual process, which requires time and effort, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you are not able to reach a high state of consciousness immediately. As long as you are always working towards becoming more aware and in-tune with yourself, the rest will fall into place. 


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