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Living in the Now


Soul Analyse often speaks about living in the now but do you know why we guide you to do this? We’ve put together an article that explains the benefits – such as improved well-being and more time – and we think you’ll be just as equally amazed at how gratifying they are.


Appreciation for Your Surroundings

Living in the present allows you to cherish the moment you are in, without any interruption from inner thoughts. Contrary to popular belief, most of the noise in your life isn’t from the outside world; it comes from within. If you could stop thinking for just a moment or two, you’d realise that you are creating the sounds.

This is why it’s especially difficult to appreciate the present moment when you’re not living in the now; because you’re being drowned out by your own noise.

We want to set you a task – after reading this article, close your eyes for around five seconds, then open them and focus on the objects around you. What you’ll find is that you are able to appreciate that moment for what it is without thinking about anything else. It doesn’t even need to be a special situation, every moment can be appreciated and you can find beauty anywhere; so long as you’re not distracted by your thoughts. 

Don’t Worry, be Happy

The majority of your worries are not based on what you are doing right now and many are magnified in your mind. What do you tend to worry about? Chances are, you either feel bad about something that has already happened, or fearful that something is going to happen. Either way, this is stopping you from living in the now. 

Worrying always takes your mind to a past or future moment but if you opt to live in the present, you’ll become noticeably aware of how your fears fade away. 

More Time

Moving on from worries, how can you ever get anything done if you are always thinking about something irrelevant to the moment? The more you take your mind out of the present, the more you will feel as though you have no time. You might even feel like you are always doing things but nothing ever gets done. 

Once you start living in the now, you’ll be amazed by just how much time you have on your hands and, similarly, you will also be better at what you do; anxiety, worry and all the things that would usually impede your performance, will not be present. 

In-Tune With You

There’s no better guide than your instincts but, nevertheless, if you’re not living in the now, your thoughts will be a big factor instead when it comes to making choices. 

When you live in the moment, your thoughts won’t control you; instead, you will trust in your instincts and do what feels right. Always allow your feelings to lead you – they know, much better than your thoughts, what is best for you

Improved Relationships

How many of your relationships are consumed by bad feeling because of something that happened in the past? While forgiveness is key to repairing broken relationships, so is the present. 

Stop doubting your relationships and letting them suffer simply because you are removing yourself from the now. If you stick to the moment, all bad thoughts and feelings about someone will be diminished, and what you’ll actually find is you’ll be grateful for their presence. 


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