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Listen to Whispers of the Soul - Follow Your Intuition


Life is a funny thing – one split moment can change everything – one small decision, or a little thought can shape the rest of our entire lives. 

The remarkable thing is that we are all given signs each and every day guiding us to make the right decisions and leading us along the right path. The question is, do we follow them?

Watch Out for Signs

Don’t lose focus of where life is taking you; stay alert to the subtle signs you receive along the way, they come in the shape of intuition, “coincidences” and unexplained occurrences. 

When it comes to following signs, intuition is our best friend; it always takes us in the right direction. Intuition comes from within; it has no logic and it is not something you decide but rather it is given to you, often with no explanation whatsoever. Intuition can hit you from nowhere, consider it a sudden emergence of knowledge, and it is then your choice whether to follow or ignore it.

Although many people believe that coincidences do happen, in actual fact, it tends to be our intuition telling us something. Dr. Wayne Dyer explained it particularly well, “In mathematics, two angles that are said to coincide fit together perfectly. The word coincidence does not describe luck or mistakes. It describes that which fits together perfectly.”

While we are all given signs to guide us, it can be difficult to pay attention when the mind is overrun with thoughts, learn to calm the mind and create space for your intuition to shine through – Dan Regan explains how to calm anxious thoughts

Embrace Change

So often we go through life completely oblivious to our thoughts or actions, and we fail to see where change might be needed. When you are given signs telling you to make change, don’t dismiss them, even if it might seem scary at first. 

Contrary to popular belief, change is good. In fact, it’s great! Many of us were taught as children that change causes upheaval and is bad. But the truth is that your life cannot get any better without it. If you are not totally happy with how things are right now, your intuition will be sending you signs telling you what to do – keep your eyes peeled and embrace the change!

Thoughts Aren’t Instincts

It’s important not to interpret thoughts as instincts; the two are very different. Thoughts are ideas we have about the world, ourselves and others, whereas intuition is energy and more of a “hunch”, which is a lot subtler than thoughts. Thoughts take place in the mind and intuition comes from the soul. 

Our thoughts are often at war with our intuition, and guess who usually wins? Yep – the thoughts. But if you stay alert and look out for signs, you’ll learn to spot the knee-jerk moments and run with them. 

Perhaps the scariest thing about following instincts is you don’t know where they might lead. Instincts don’t provide explanations like thoughts – your intuition will tell you to do something without providing any explanation whatsoever, leaving you to decide whether to take that leap. But as previously mentioned, your intuition will never guide you in the wrong direction. 

There are key differentiating factors between thoughts and intuition that you can look out for; thoughts are rational, judgemental and often influence with fear – thoughts attempt to limit your creativeness and stop you from taking chances due to fear of failure. If there is a negative emotion associated with it, that’s a good indicator that you are in fact dealing with the mind and not your intuition. 

Your intuition will always feel right – it is based on love and consistency, whereas thoughts can present a battle of contradicting ideas. 

Remember, all paths lead to the right road  – there is no wrong road but relying on your intuition will make your journey a lot more rewarding!

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