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Keep Going, Your Life Will Improve



Beginning a journey of self-improvement is exciting but sometimes daunting due to the plethora of questions that are likely to arise – such as, when will my life start to change? Does positive thinking really work? Am I on the right path? These are all common questions; so don’t be alarmed if they crop up…

Here are some things to bear in mind anytime you are left wondering when your life will improve.

Complex Life Situations

I know for me personally, when I eventually decided that I wanted to take an active approach in improving my life and wanted to find more meaning, I began to be faced with many complex situations. 

It wasn’t that I was creating these circumstances for myself, but it seemed they kept presenting themselves to me in multiple ways. 

What I know now is that had I not been put in certain situations, I would not have learnt what I did, which provided me with many hidden messages to carry forward.

I still believe to this day that the universe was in fact creating those complex scenarios to help test my newfound endurance, strength and wisdom. When the universe throws lessons at you, it’s what you do with them that counts. There were so many times where I could have thrown in the towel and chosen to give up – and at times I really was tested.

Instead, I realised that I had two options with every complex situation – I still do; either give up or acknowledge whatever there is to learn.


I’ve learned to be grateful for even the most difficult situations to come my way; for they have provided me with more wisdom, better life experiences and lessons that I have been so appreciative to be taught.

I gave up my victim mindset a long time ago because it wasn’t getting me anywhere; in fact it was pulling me in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go. Once I turned from victim to appreciator everything changed almost instantly.

When you are thankful for each and every-thing and person, along with experiences, in your life, the universe can only respond with more goodness.

Even when times are hard, staying appreciative will keep everything flowing in the right direction. One of our guest contributors, Stacie Chevrier, wrote a brilliant post about how gratitude was the backbone of her journey to surviving cancer – it is just one of the many incredible experiences I have heard from people who fully believe in the power of gratitude.

So, if you feel like your life isn’t improving fast enough, it could be that you aren’t noticing everything that you can feel thankful for. Look around and find reasons – you’ll spot many.

An All-Round Lifestyle Change

Self-improvement is all about making positive change in all areas of life and as such, sometimes certain parts of our lives can take a little longer to catch up with our newfound positive approach.

As an example, I was talking to someone recently who felt happy in most areas of their life but felt that they still hadn’t reached a sense of contentment with their family relationships and as a result, their life felt unsettled in many ways.

It wasn’t until they began to address the issues with family members that everything began to click into place.

I use that as an example but it could be any area of your life that still hasn’t caught up with your new positive approach to life, which will likely leave you feeling out of kilter.

Why not take a look at your life as a whole and see where you are most happy and unhappy – this will allow you to work on certain areas and also acknowledge where you feel most satisfied due to your dedicated commitment.

Lastly, self-improvement is not an overnight process; it takes time to change how you have become accustomed to living your life. If you are actively choosing to think in a way that is uplifting and positive, saying your daily affirmations and feeling grateful for everything good in your life, you are doing all of the right things and it is only a matter of time until you begin to feel very fulfilled.

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