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How to Think like a Successful Person


think like a successful personEveryone wants to be successful. Whether it is achieving career ambitions, or personal goals, we all have areas of our lives that we want to improve (for the purpose of this article we are focusing specifically on career success.) But what causes some people to reach success when others just seem to fail? Why is it that two people can have the same background, education and opportunities but one of them accomplishes success and the other experiences misfortune? There is only one possible answer: mindset.

There are some distinguishing factors that separate the top 2% of successful people from the other 98%, and we are going to explain them to you.

The Rich Keep Getting Richer and the Poor Keep Getting Poorer

The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer, we are all aware of this fact but do we ever stop to consider why it is the case? There’s a pretty reasonable explanation; rich people know how much they have, whereas poor people are fully aware of how little they have. It is this very acknowledgement that separates the rich from the poor.

We attract whatever we give our attention and energy to. In order to receive more into your life, whether it is money, love or friendship, you have to feel like you already have those things. If you are constantly telling yourself that you don’t have enough money and you can’t afford the things you want to buy, the energy you are putting out there will result in more being taken from you. If you picture your life as having everything you need, even if you don’t already, the universe will respond by giving you these things. Successful people believe that they have enough money, which is exactly why their income continues to increase.

Even if you are struggling to pay your utility bills, or perhaps can’t even afford rent, you still have a choice whether to think thoughts that starve you of even more, or thoughts that enhance your life. Discontent keeps you from being content; poor thoughts create a poor outcome and rich thoughts create a rich outcome.

No matter what your situation right now, you can experience a dramatic shift in your life and begin to achieve those goals simply by telling yourself that you already have everything you could possibly need. The universe never fails to respond to your requests but it does so in a way that is not always beneficial. You get back what you give out, and by ‘give out’ we mean the thoughts you think and the beliefs you have, which brings us onto the next point.

You can’t Achieve Without Belief

In order to achieve your goals you must first believe that you are able to do so. No one ever became successful without self-belief. The reality is that many people ignore opportunities for the simple reason that they don’t believe they will succeed, even if they are completely capable. 

Self-limiting thoughts are often attributed to childhood conditioning; it may have been during your early years that you developed negative beliefs about yourself but it is possible to rewire these beliefs. 

Even if you didn’t receive a good education during childhood, even if you are illiterate, that’s not to say you can’t be successful, and it certainly doesn’t mean you are any less capable than anyone else. 

Louise Hay gives a great illustration, “A man who could neither read nor write tried to obtain the position of janitor in a public school. They refused him on account of his illiteracy, so a friend got him a position selling cigars. He became very successful, selling hundreds of cigars, and deposited the money in the bank with the aid of a friend who wrote the deposit slips. After a number of years, he found he had deposited $30,000 and decided to draw some out. The paying teller said, “Write a check for the amount you want to draw out.” The man replied, “I can’t read or write.” The paying teller was amazed and exclaimed, “Good Lord, man. You have accumulated $30,000 without an education! Where would you have been if you had been able to read and write?” The man replied, “I would have been a janitor in Public School No. 1.”

The key is to re-condition your beliefs so that you have faith in your ability, and affirmations are a great place to start. As explained in “You can’t Love Until you Love Yourself“, affirmations are a powerful way to reverse the negative beliefs you have about yourself. You can have the same mindset as a successful person simply by telling yourself that you are capable of reaching your goals; if you think you can, then you will!

Get rid of Irrelevant Thoughts

Successful people have a tendency to focus on what matters, instead of wasting pointless time thinking. For the most part, thoughts are pretty irrelevant, especially when they involve worry, fear and anxiety. Allowing yourself space from your thoughts will help you to concentrate on the tasks at hand. 

Thoughts are not always bad, in fact some thoughts are very useful, especially when it comes to work but it is important not to waste time over thinking, as this will detract from doing. As explained in “Mastering the Shift to Higher Consciousness“, begin to see your thoughts as a serving tool; they serve you only when they are needed, this will help you to stay present in the moment and get more done. 

Which of these tips do you already use in your life and how have they worked for you? Comment in the box below.


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