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How To Reconnect with Your True Self by Shifting Your Pain Into Power


At some point in early life, we disconnect with the essence of who we are. Here Hayley offers guidance on how you can reconnect with your true self and honour your truth.

Firstly, I just want to express my gratitude to the beautiful soul and the creator of Soul Analyse for giving me the opportunity to share my truth with the world, I intend to utilise this opportunity to assist you in opening your heart to your true self.

Let me tell you a little bit about my story and the life experiences that led me to be able to be here with you as I write this blog. It was my own path of pain and suffering that essentially led me to my purpose as divine intervention and miracles started to show up in my life. It was a larger force and my inner knowing that supported and guided me, gracefully saving me from a desperate faith in order to return to my true authentic self.

What I am about to share with you is the opposite of what you have been taught to believe and as I write this I hear in the background “feel your call” playing on the radio, which is another true example of the continuous support that is ALWAYS available to me.

The Mask

Do you wonder why things are just not working out anymore?

It is because the truth has not yet been unveiled.

What if I told you that your life is a mirror of yourself?

I know that this may slip you into unconscious defensive behaviour “but I did not ask for this!”

Trust me, I hear you.

As a woman who was raised by a father who had schizophrenia, a stepfather who was a paedophile and a mother who didn’t know how to love me because she wasn’t capable of loving herself, I went into adulthood creating all sorts of dysfunction.

So before you judge and click out of this blog, I want you to know that although this is the truth, it doesn’t mean it is your fault and that’s not the message I am conveying.

It is merely how you were conditioned in your childhood that forged your false self and that is the version of you, what I like to call the mask, that is being mirrored and creating your external world.

See here is the thing, outside influences would like you to believe it is the other way around and that you have control over what happens in your outside world, which is essentially contributing to suffering and continuing to contribute to believing in your false self as you continue to strive for liberation in outside sources.

So let me ask you this,

Do you ever just long to feel a sense of belonging?

Essentially you are seeking your true authentic self as your soul has grown weary from being disconnected to who you really are.

As you are not who you “think” you are.

It is only when you bravely and courageously come into your heart can you return, it is there that all the answers you seek are revealed to you.

All along it was within you.

Have you ever had an intuitive feeling that you just could not explain?

Then your head dismisses it so you choose to ignore it instead putting your faith in others rather than having faith in yourself then suffer the consequences because you did not listen?

Yeah me too!

The Journey Within

I ask that you trust in the most precious thing that this world created and that is you, that is your true armour so let me help you take that first step if you can feel this call and truth in your heart by going on a journey with me:

Close your eyes,
Take a deep breath,
I ask that you feel with me,
In the knowing that you are safe,
You are loved,
Now think about all of the pain you have been through,
All the pain you have witnessed,
Don’t be afraid of it,
It is just a feeling,
Energy in motion,
It has no power over you,
Invite it all in,
Really feel and connect with not just yourself,
But the child within you,
Nurture her,
Offer her the unconditional love she didn’t receive,
The compassion,
The affection that she truly desired,
How do you feel?
Now I want you to feel this energy that rises from the core of your being,
The root of your being,
Can you feel that life force energy,
That fire?
A passion,
A longing,
A desire,
Your truth has just been birthed from the same pain that you have been conditioned to run away from,
It is through that pain,
Your soul emerges,
It has been waiting to arise,
To be birthed,
So that you the unique soul that you are,
Can let something larger than life guide you,
Honour that sacredness,
Just like that,
All it takes is a moment,
Coming within yourself,
To return.

Thank you for being such a powerful soul, the power in me sees the power in you.

If this blog served you please let me know how in the comments below as I would love to hear from you and if you intend to support my soul’s mission to reaching others then please share this along, you can also connect with me on my social media platforms.

Work with Hayley:

Do you desire deep soulful connection with other women? Do you desire a place of belonging to FEEL connected with other like minded souls who are on the same path as you? Maybe you do not have the support in your life that you truly desire because the people who are surrounding you just do not have an understanding of who you really are. This beautiful sacred sister share circle is an opportunity to experience working with me 1-1, this is so sacred because this was born from a vision and I knew it would have to be brought into form because of how deeply I felt this in my heart.

Find Out More 

Hayley Woodgate
It is her own journey breaking free from dysfunctional and toxic relationships, crippling low self worth, the birth and death of a destructive marriage, chronic illness and the breakdown of her body, anxiety, depression and little to no trust in her self that led her to her true self. Thanks to divine intervention in her life, miracles started to unfold to set her free which unlocked the wisdom that was always within her, igniting her true desire and purpose in which she now supports others in aligning with their true authentic self so that they can follow their souls calling.
Visit Hayley's website to connect with her.

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