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How to Forgive


Forgiveness is something we talk about often on Soul Analyse – it has the ability to release you from all bad feeling about the past. You might need to shift your attention to forgiving someone who has hurt you, or perhaps yourself – and we’ve listed some key tips that will teach you how to do just that.


1. Let Bygones be Bygones

However painful it may be, accepting what has happened is crucial to your happiness. Spending your life torturing yourself over something that has been and gone, is only going to cause misery.

It’s time to accept and move on. The only moment you ever have control over is the present, you cannot change the past. Approaching every situation with an accepting mindset will turn you into someone who is carefree, happy and content. 

2. Realise that we are Imperfect

This is especially relevant when forgiving yourself – we are human, we make mistakes and, unfortunately, crap happens. It’s what you do next that counts. Stop beating yourself up over something you did. 

Be open to the fact that slip ups are going to happen from time-to-time and the only thing you have control over is how you react, which brings us onto:

3. Stop Being Offended

If you’re easily-offended, you’ll find yourself often feeling upset by what other people say and do. This can quite simply be resolved if you just stop judging and let people take whichever path they choose for themselves. 

In doing so you will notice that you only have control over yourself and you will no longer carry the burden of others

We’re so passionate about how much your life will improve when you stop being offended, that we’ve written a whole article on it: ‘Stop Being Offended and Accept What Is’

4. Don’t Think About It

The worst thing you can possibly do is spend time thinking about something you did, or what someone did to you. Thinking about it will augment the problem and it’ll be impossible for you to move on. 

You do have absolute control over your thoughts and it’s always a choice whether to think negative thoughts, or positive. In this article: ‘How Positive Thinking can Change Your Life‘ Soul Analyse provides guidance on healing yourself through positive thinking. 

5. Have Empathy

When you feel sorry for someone, your feelings of anger, hatred and disgust, will be replaced by a much less-damaging emotion: empathy. Instead of thinking about how you were hurt by someone, take a look at it through their perspective. In doing so you could discover that they were having and tough time and you might feel empathy for them. 

It’s also important to show empathy towards yourself – don’t be too hard on yourself and consider the emotional state you were in when a situation arose; we all have times when we act out of character and this is ok. 

So there you have it – everything you need to let go of that bad feeling in your life and learn to forgive yourself and others. How have you found these tips, are you confident in trying them out? Comment in the box below. 


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