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How to Find Inner Peace



inner peace

One of our main goals here at Soul Analyse is to help you find and maintain inner peace, so that you have a sense of calm and emotional well-being in your life. Inner peace merely means feeling at ease with yourself, which, when put into practice, removes a whole myriad of struggle that you might currently be experiencing.

Here are some helpful ways for you to find inner peace and create tranquility in your life.

Live in Harmony With Yourself

If you are struggling to find inner peace, it is undoubtable that you will be experiencing a war within. We spend so much of our lives striving to be better – we want to be thinner, to have more money, to have better experiences – that we find ourselves in a constant battle to become the ideal person we have created in our minds.

The problem with this mindset is that it is near impossible to feel satisfied because, even if we do achieve certain goals, there are far more lined up waiting for our attention. Furthermore, no matter how perfect your life looks from the outside, if you are not at peace with yourself you will not be happy.

Usually the discontent we feel is driven by the ego – as detailed in ‘Attract Abundance Into Your Life‘, the ego tells you that what you have isn’t good enough and that you aren’t good enough; you must look better, act better and do better in your career. But what it doesn’t tell you is that you already have everything that you could possibly need  – nothing on the outside can offer you true satisfaction.

Begin to acknowledge that inner peace is formed through acceptance; you must learn to accept yourself, the people around you, the past and of course the present; and it is only when you are completely accepting of everything and anything in your life, that the war within stops and you are able to live in harmony with yourself.

Create Inner Space

Living in peace and harmony – isn’t that everyone’s goal? Well no, surprisingly it isn’t because lots of people are so blinded by the chaos in their lives that they fail to see the lack of peace within themselves. If there is no calm within you, it is impossible to experience a peaceful existence. 

Thoughts are quite often the culprit of the noise in our lives, which is why inner space is the key to allowing us to separate ourselves from the constant flow of thoughts that enter our minds. 

To stop thinking, even for just a moment, can only be compared to liberation. You do not need to go in search to find inner space, it is already within you, you just need to find gaps between your thoughts – and living in the present moment is a profound way to do this. ‘How to Live in the Present Moment‘, explains that the suffering we experience as a result of our thoughts is often unnecessary; if we focused our attention on the present moment, we would free our minds from the pain of our thoughts and create the much-needed space we require. 

Eliminate the Excess in Your Life

In this day and age, especially in Western culture, most people are driven to have more in their lives; more money, more material items, more friends, more accomplishments – the list goes on. But despite popular belief, having more is not helpful to us, in fact it just creates further clutter and disorder. 

Removing the excess in your life doesn’t necessarily mean having less, or doing less; it means that you choose only to focus on the things that truly matter to you, which is more gratifying, and essential for achieving inner peace. Work towards living a life of simplicity – eliminate all of the things in your life that disrupt your inner peace; this could be people, possessions, things you do, places you go etc. 

Also, check out, ‘Remove the Excess in Your Life and be Happier‘, which explains why less is more. 

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  • I’m not sure that one can simply ignore the demands of the ego which is there to endure self preservation. Our egos drive us to provide for our basic needs …shelter food love. Skilful marketing of unnecessary goods manipulates us into buying stuff we dont need. We need to find a way to see through the ruses marketers use to suggest to us that we need the unnecessary. That is the only way we can buy less or “need” less. We must understand “ego” be alert to when it overrides common sense – we have to learn to work with our egos and develop resistance to the ploys of marketing which has studied rather profoundly how insecure people are about many aspects of themselves and how best those insecurities can be exploited & translated into sales.

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